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Obviously there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens, so don't read ahead if you haven't seen the film.

Now, onto business.

There are a lot of theories surfacing in the wake of the release of the long awaited Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens. Predictably the majority of these are about the new characters, and their origins. Rey, who was arguably the main character of the film, has unknown parents who left her on Jakku as a child. So obviously there are a lot of people suspecting that she is in some way related to Luke Skywalker, what with her force ability and various other aspects noticed throughout the film. To see a comprehensive list of the reasons this may be the case, click here.

But if it is all so clear cut that Rey is a Skywalker, then why wasn't it just revealed outright in the film? Is it possible that, in order to have a reveal as big as Vader being Luke's father, the whole team behnd the film are first trying to convince us that we already know the surprise?

There are some ideas that point to another theory, one which makes more sense in many ways. Let's look at it as a possible alternative to the popular theory that Luke is Rey's father.

What if Rey is Related to Obi Wan Kenobi?

Obi Wan Kenobi was my favourite character throughout the prequel trilogy, and it actually seems quite possible that Rey would be related to him instead of Luke. Think about this:

What Did Obi-Wan Do Between Episodes 3 and 4?

As well as transforming from Ewan McGregor into Alec Guinness, Obi-Wan surely had to be doing something during that spare twenty years he had. He must have helped the Alliance along the way, or else Leia would never have sent R2D2 to him with the plans for the Death Star. Remember, she was convinced that he was "Her only hope". What if, during these twenty years, he also had a child with someone? This child could have been born as little as two or three years after the end of Revenge of the Sith. In this way, they could have been around seventeen or eighteen by the time the original trilogy began. Now, The Force Awakens occurs thirty years after the original trilogy, so isn't it possible that ten years after the fall of the empire this child of Obi-Wan's had their own child, and for some reason or another had to leave her on Jakku? If the First Order were able to find people with powerful force ability, then maybe they came after the child of Obi-Wan, and they left Rey on Jakku before being caught so she wouldn't be caught as well. But did this Kenobi die at the hands of the First Order? Or did they join with them and become one of...

The Knights of Ren!

Let's not downplay this group. They look like the Nazgul from Lord of the Rings, except all the more dangerous. But the mystery still surrounds the identity of the majority of them. This leads me to one of the few things we know about Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Benicio Del Toro!

Yep, that guy. He has been cast for an untitled role in Episode 8, and is rumoured to be the primary antagonist. It's quite possible that while Snoke is busy training Kylo Ren, Benicio's character will be left to deal with the Resistance in their place. Could he be another member of the Knights of Ren? Could he be... Rey's father, and Obi-Wan Kenobi's son?

While this isn't necessarily true, it could still be possible that Rey is the grand daughter of Obi-Wan, because do you remember that scene where Rey first touched the lightsaber?

Well as she had visions of the future and past, you can hear Obi-Wan Kenobi's voice speaking to her. While this could arguably be because Obi-Wan was in possession of the lightsaber for so long, it could equally be argued that her being related to Obi-Wan explains her feeling such a connection to this lightsaber, as opposed to feeling the connection because she is a Skywalker. But it is Obi-Wan that speaks to her, not Anakin or Luke. Also, there are a few reasons against her being a Skywalker, which would make it a whole lot more likely that she is instead a Kenobi.

She Feels No Struggle

So far, she hasn't felt a struggle between the dark side and the light. The Skywalker family have always felt that struggle between light and dark. Anakin felt the dark side build within him until he finally gave into it, but as Vader finally redeemed himself. Luke came quite close in some ways, but was controlled in the end by the will to destroy the empire. Kylo gave into the darkness from an early age, but still feels conflicted with it now.

The point is that Rey does not seem to have such a struggle. Maybe it's just because she has seen what the dark side can do up close, and that will keep her from considering it even for a moment. Snoke and Ren may try to push her as she becomes more powerful, but being trained by Luke, who knows the power of the dark side, may help her avoid such an internal struggle. Nevertheless, not struggling is very reminiscent of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Leia and Kylo Did Not Feel Who She Was!

Every time someone with force abilty is near a family member they can sense it. All the way from Vader being able to sense Luke in the original trilogy and even Leia knowing where to find Luke at the end of The Empire Strikes Back, as well as more recently when Kylo was able to sense Han being near in The Force Awakens.

So what do you think? Is it possible that we are being misled to believe Luke is Rey's link to the force when it is actually Obi-Wan? Or am I insane and searching too deeply for a conspiracy?

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Which family does Rey belong to?


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