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The Flash season 2 has definitely taken on a darker tone to that of season 1, what with Zoom proving an even more challenging villain than the Reverse Flash, and with a whole lot more up for stakes than ever before. While the Reverse Flash primarily sought to return to his own time, Zoom's main goal this season has been to make Barry faster and faster just to destroy him and absorb his speed somehow. But while we have seen quite a number of dopplegangers thus far in the season, the below trailer for the next part of the season is teasing a hell of a lot more!

From that trailer there are several things to think about:

Patty in Zoom's Grasp!

It looks like shortly after returning from the mid-season break, Zoom is going to come after those whom Barry loves, starting with girlfriend Patty Spivot. The last trailer for this episode showed Barry struggling with the decision about whether or not to tell Patty that he is leading a double life as the Flash. Looks like that decision may be put on hold, or worse he will tell her and she will be killed right afterwards. But Zoom stealing Patty seems like a good way to ensure the gang will follow him back to Earth 2, and that explains some other things that we see in the trailer.

Justice Society?

The Barry standing in front of this seems to be the Earth 2 version, and so this is probably on his planet. But this symbol on the wall seems very much to indicate the Justice Society in some way. Could it already be formed in some way on this earth?

The Reverse Flash Returns!

This is the biggest shock of the trailer! Eobard Thawne returning as himself in the suit this time instead of in Harrison Wells is interesting, and we've got to assume unless some confusing timeline stuff occurs that this is the Earth 2 version... but is it? Zoom would surely have killed him and absorbed his speed if he was from Earth 2. Maybe it is the original, maybe he comes from an entirely different earth, and is good, and tries to convince Barry to help him defeat Zoom! We do see though that in the trailer him and our Barry don't seem to be getting along, which makes it likely that the Reverse Flash is back for bad.

Earth 2 Barry!

There is a whole lot of crazy doppleganger related stuff going on in this trailer. Barry on Earth 2 is significant, because it will probably quickly eliminate the fan theory that Zoom is Barry from that Earth. With the quickly diminishing list of possibilites, that had become a popular theory, despite their body types being very different. My personal thoughts are that it's probably the Earth 2 version of Barry's dad, Henry Allen. But Barry isn't the only doppleganger the team are going to get to meet!

Earth 2 Iris!

That's right! Looking pretty similar to her Earth 1 counterpart, Iris is seemingly close to Barry on this earth as well, although potentially in a much more romantic way! And the doppleganger gun still isn't over yet!

Earth 2 Caitlyn/Killer Frost!

By far the most different of these new dopplegangers, Caitlyn's is the villain Killer Frost, who I have long feared the Earth 1 Caitlyn would be turning into at some point. Luckily, that is unlikely since we now have this one, but she could really cause some problems for the team!

Wally gets involved!

I knew it wouldn't be long before Wally West got involved in the goings on off Team Flash, and it looks from the trailer like he'll get to it sooner rather than later. I'm looking forward to seeing what role he takes, because it's going to be awesome to see the changes it makes when he gets his powers and becomes Kid Flash!

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