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Zack Snyder and co have found out a very unique yet marvelous (no pun intended) way to build towards Justice League 1 which will hit the theaters on November 2017. This is not a spoiler by any means because Zack Snyder intends to close this movie with an ending montage about "Dawn of Justice" a montage that has Justice League members!

Montage and Zack Snyder, does it ring any bell? no? well take a look at this AMAZING opening montage of Watchmen (a movie directed by Zack Snyder)

The word is Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice will have a stylized slow motion closing credits montage like this which deals with the concept of Dawn of Justice and Justice League, pretty cool right?

I was a massive fan of Watchmen's opening credits montage because it's not just visually spectacular but it also explains the entire history and setting of that movie in just 6 minutes! now that's a great mixture of storytelling and visuals and it's going to be even bigger and better with Justice League members!

This piece of information was revealed by Heroic Hollywood in which El Mayimbe claimed this will be his last scoop on Batman vs Superman but interestingly I came across a very detailed and potentially spoiler-ish post on 4Chan a week back and it had a ton of plot details on Batman vs Superman and guess what, that post from 4Chan also said this movie will end on a slo-mo montage with Justice League and it even described the whole scene.

Unfortunately that post was taken down 2 or 3 days ago but the details within are known to the forum members of Batman News as a forum member by the name Dennis posted it on the off topic section.

Wrapping Up

Remember it guys do not walk out your screenings after the movie ends, if you do you might miss a SPECTACULAR closing montage. Spread the news people we don't want anyone to miss something like this do we?


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