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Hey guys today I am gonna tell about the most popular SUPERHEROES....However there are many but today I am gonna tell about the most famous and attractive Heroes of all time. Here you go :-

Lemme start with the Greatest Superhero of all time : The Superman Whether you love him, hate him or have a general indifference towards him, there’s no denying that Superman is one of the most influential fictional characters of all time. Superman has been an enduring presence in pop culture for over 70 years and has led headlines the world over as a global icon. Here are some reasons why Superman is the Greatest SUPERHERO ever :-

The symbol on his chest is instantly recognizable ....its as recognizable as the American dollar sign ($) or the yin aur yang...The second reason is that he helps everyone around him....more and more his Super Duper Amzing costume which is the defination of convenience. He has influenced everyone. Superman as a character is humble. Its' Superman’s humility that keeps him grounded and ultimately makes him a superhero who narrowly avoids a god complex every single time. He is the most complex and the most misunderstood Superhero as many people confuse him for some musclebound thug who flies around punching and lifting things. He believes in Humanity and represents Humanity. Superman is a force that can not be broken. Everyone knows who he is....Everyone's mother's mother knows who he is .Put a towel around your neck and you will pretend to be Superman. He is more well known fictional character of all time.

Here you go with the second most Popular Superhero who is The Batman...He’s a character that’s so embedded into our collective subconscious that these days it’s difficult to get through a week without hearing about his exploits in some form or another (although I’m not sure exactly why you’d want to). Here are some of his qualities which is why he is famous. The first thing is his symbol which is the most recognizable than almost amy symbol on Earth. For me, Batman is one of the greatest Anti-heroes, if not for the code than he'd essentially be a Super-Villain. He is the world's Greatest detective. Therefore he knows something about his fellow heroes. We all know that Batman is the gadget master. From a simple re-breather all the way up to a fully armoured robotic batsuit, batman has almost everthing,


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