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If I happen to know what you expected, that is.


Those in sane minds who have watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens have definitely had one specific question circling their heads by the time they went out of the theater: Who is Rey?

The "I'm no one." line was not used in the movie
The "I'm no one." line was not used in the movie

Aside from being a scavenger and all, very little is known about her, and the answer "No one" has been pretty accurate so far. However, once Rey was seen using The Force as if she was trained in a Jedi Temple, all heads turned to the most known, and as the movie states, "Last", Jedi, Luke Skywalker in speculation of him to be her father.

Now that is pretty much the most obvious theory and the most popular one, which gives all reason to discard it! Youtuber Mr Sunday Movies here discusses a theory about Rey being a Kenobi, and provides some very good reasons to why it sounds more convincing and how it could be an even better way to shape the story. Check it out below.


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