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Baldwin Collins

This Bollywood movie, is very engaging and entertaining. A remake from an Hollywood film '' Warrior'' (2011) This particular film is in subtitles, Which I'am a very lazy reader, But this film was worth seeing. The story is centered around the streets of Mumbai India. The film starts with Gary Farnandes ( Jackie Shroff ) a former martial arts Street fighter and recovering Alcoholic whose been serving a prison sentence , and finally being released. His son Monty ( sidharth Malhotra ) is out-side the walls waiting for him.

Explaining what Gary went to prison for, would be a Major spoiler, But lets move on. Gary Fernandes returns to a home full of bad memories, when entering the House, he has visions of still seeing his wife maria ( Shefali Shah ) who died many years ago. Monty isn't Gary's only son, he has an older one named David who Hasn't For sometime now, haven't forgiven Gary for the Past. However David ( Akahay Kumar ) is a physics teacher trying to make to ends meet. But with a daughter suffering with Kidney Disease, The life becomes more difficult for him.

This situation. forces David to take-up street fighting at night. Un-happy with this , David's wife Jenny ( Jacqueline Fernandez ) Shows him her dis-approvel things takes a worse turn for David, when his school's principal finds out what he's doing at nights. and instantly fires him.

What we see later in the film, Monty. his half brother, has also taken up fighting. and has a fight Agent ( Ashutosh Rana ) who Manages him. the two brothers unaware of each others activity. End-up entering the world Championship League. titled ''RIGHT TO FIGHT'' ( R2F) TOURNAMENT. the two brothers rise-up through the tournament beating every opponent they fight, Eventually both reaching the finals. But the real problem starts when David and Monty two brothers, have to fight to the Death, for the Championship.

Why this movie works for me, is the way the director Karan Malhotra cleverly tells the passionate story through all the action. The film is distributed by FOX STUDIOS . and produced by LIONS GATE FILMS. released on august 14. 2015. A MUST SEE MOVIE.


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