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Ryan Reynolds is officially having more fun promoting Deadpool than he should really be allowed. This month we’ve been thoroughly enjoying the 12 Days of Deadpool. The bad news is that the 12 days of silliness are nearly over as we have now reached Day 11. We know that tomorrow we get a new trailer for the film, as a Christmas present from a different guy in a red suit. Today, however, somebody with a minor Deadpool connection got in on the action and gave us a great image, and a brief teaser for that new trailer.

Since Deadpool is technically part of the X-Men franchise, his first appearance on screen was the abomination that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it’s fitting to see Hugh Jackman get in on the fun. We can’t decide if the best part is seeing Wolverine give Deadpool the finger, or if it’s the image of Deadpool, who looks like he’s about to start pole dancing on the extended claw.

The trailer teaser is brief, and for the most part contains scenes that we’ve already seen before. Though it’s still worth watching as the Night Before Christmas narration is a joy to hear, and it ends with a punchline worth seeing.


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