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I know this post is a little off subject but at

They tell you that if you complete several offers that at first are free then when you reach the higher levels coming close to getting your prize they cost a little money. Yet, when you complete your offers and dip what they have asked of you it does not keep track of your points Amy longer. It usually takes 100 points and when you get to about 60 points and complete the rest the deals your points are no longer counted and once you should have 100 points out still registers you at 60 points. I tell you about this because i did the research for you completed all that i was supposed to and out never congratulated mine on them sending my 150 dollar gift card. After signing up for the Disney movie club, the scifi book club, and several other things that i had to pay for our make a purchase to receive my points ( which i did not) i did not receive my gift card. Please do not fall for these scams. Make sure you know someone who had done out and received there gift cause not all these sites are lying, but most are, do research on the site your going to use. Don't lose money like i did, even though i did it to see if it worked for this site so i could tell you all about it. So if you see that web site in your inbox DO NOT USE IT! THIS SITE IS ACTUALLY A RIP OFF. Now i have a book club membership i did not want. I have a movie club membership i don't want. And even more clubs i don't want for no reward they claimed they would give me.

And i actually completed the silver, gold, and platinum offers and this is still what it tells me. So once again DO NOT USE THIS SITE.


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