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Ian Cady

Let me just start off by saying, OH MY GOD I JUST WATCHED STAR WARS THE FORCE AWAKENS AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! Ok now that im done being excited i can start the review, this is my first to many reviews. This movie is not only my favorite movie in the franchise, or my favorite disney movie its also my favorite movie period, let me tell you why. My favorite thing about the movie is probably the new characters that we get to see along with some old characters that are childhood heroes. the new characters are really good because they fit so well together with the old characters, it creates a deeper feel of co-excistence. Also Finn is really awesome, i dont know why people are so mad that hes black, I mean who cares we are all people and finn was a great character and the actor was amazing. Finn is definitly my favorite new character. Like i said this is the greatest movie i have ever seen. It brings back so many memories. I strongly recomend watching this movie even if you dont like the rest of the series ( which i dont know why you wouldnt i think that its cinema gold.) Anyways go out and see the movie, come on its really good.


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