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Disclaimer: This is just speculation that is not confirmed by Marvel or even "leaked" by any sources. It is just something I thought of after reading a recent interview.

Recently we have heard quite a bit about Hulk being in the new Thor movie, and to be honest that is pretty awesome no matter how they end up doing it. But this is some speculation of not how they will or even should do it, but how they might do it.

So many people have been asking for a Planet Hulk movie, but Marvel cannot do a Hulk solo movie without dealing with Universal Studios. This would be a way to get around that while still giving us a Planet Hulk movie and an epic Thor movie.

How It Would Work:

The movie's first act and third act are pretty much irreverent for this theory. So long as the end of the first act ends with Loki defeating Thor. He can then either attempt to send him to the Collector and have the ship hijacked by Sakkarians, or have him sold directly to the Red King in an attempt to humiliate Thor further.

At this point, he is told he will have to fight in the arena and he is forced out only to find that his opponent is none other than:

The Incredible Hulk

In the original storyline, Thor would be taking the place of the Silver Surfer. But in the animated movie, he was replaced with Beta Ray Bill, who was basically a horse headed Thor.

The movie can follow a streamlined version of the storyline, as Thor, Hulk, and the other Gladiators attempt to overthrow the Red King. After this, Hulk can stay on Sakkarr and Thor can travel back to Asgard to find it under attack by Sultur, and can have his epic throw down with him.

Additionally, the Warriors three can be captured with Thor and forced to fight, but it isn't necessary.

So what does everyone think? Would you enjoy it if the movie went this route? Do you think they should follow the Ragnarok storyline more closely? Comment your opinion below.


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