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MAJOR SPOILERS for Arrow Season 4 all the way up to the mid-season finale lie below, so beware!

A new trailer for Arrow Season 4 episode ten, the first back after the mid-season break, has been released, and tells us some new and horrible things.

Now, if you Arrow fans were thinking that Felicity's unfortunate accident at the end of episode nine was merely a ruse to convince us that she was in the grave when it is really someone else, prepare yourself...

So, what have we learned?

Well it seems like it isn't a simple recovery for Felicity, and the way this trailer teases it, maybe there is no recovery. However, despite Oliver being shown in anger as he stands in front of the grave once more after we hear how bad Felicity is doing, I am certain that it isn't her.

The main reason for this is the funeral scene which we saw itself.

That's the scene, which we saw in season 4 episode 1, and have been worried about ever since. Just look at it. Only Oliver is standing in front of the grave, and is joined for a short time by Barry. If Felicity had died then Thea, Laurel, Diggle, Lyla and Felicity's mother would be there at the very least, and that's forgetting about the likes of Sara Lance, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Cisco, Caitlyn, Ray, Curtis and more! Felicity has touched way too many characters in this universe for Oliver and Barry to be the only ones at her funeral. No, the character would have to be one that only Oliver and Barry know of, else Oliver's friends would be there to support him at the very least. There is only one possible character.

That's right. Samantha Clayton, mother of Oliver's son, is without a doubt the one that is going to die this season. No way is Oliver just going to be an occasional visitor to this son, it's going to be a much more important relationship in the future. But for that to happen, the son has to come into Oliver's custody. I think Damien Darhk will kidnap Oliver's son and kill Samantha. Oliver will then have a funeral for her and sweat vengeance on Darhk, and then go get his son. This will occur privately because Oliver hasn't told anyone about his son, after Barry convinced him it ended badly in another timeline.

So Felicity almost certainly won't die. But what does happen to her?

Well Thea mentions "complications" about the surgery that Felicity was in, but does not know what this yet means. It seems that a certain popular fan theory is becoming more and more likely by the minute.

Felicity is going to become Oracle!

With so many Birds of Prey related characters already in the Arrow universe, including Huntress, White Canary, Black Canary and Hawkgirl, it seems like a show could be very much on the horizon after Arrow finishes if Felicity becomes Oracle, and I would definitely call Felicity being paralysed as "complications". She was shot in the side/back in episode nine, so the surgery must have been to remove the bullet from her spine or something similar, which resulted in her never being able to walk again.
But we unfortunately will not know what happens to dear Felicity until Arrow returns on January 20th.

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