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Yehya Radwan

Now I'm pretty sure many have still yet to see the most anticipated movie of the year. As a result I must be very clear that major spoilers are going to be mentioned. Read at your own risk.

As we know by now, Kylo Ren is indeed "Ben Solo"; the son of Leia Organa and Han Solo, making him a direct decedent to Star Wars' most feared villain, Darth Vader.

After the movie's premiere many fans have stated how Kylo Ren didn't meet up with most of their expectations and rather seemed somewhat of a confused young man with anger issues. But if we are to look at the bigger picture here, we have not seen the last of him and we may expect more development over the course of the next episode. And for a young man such as Ben solo to carry out the legacy of Darth Vader it would seem logical enough to see how he develops along the way from being torn apart between the dark side and the light to finally ending his inner conflict by stabbing his own father, Han Solo, with his lightsaber and killing him.

Now as some fans went against this happening, it appears that we would be introduced to a more daring and darker side of the young villain from that point in the movies to come. A bigger evidence to this is that last scene on the Starkiller base where supreme leader Spoke addresses general Hax to find Kylo Ren and bring him to Snoke in order to complete his training, which suggests how developed the character would appear to be in Episode VIII.

Since we are a long way from finding out about anything concerning the next episode, we may only speculate how things may go from this point for the first order and the resistance and how any of it would affect the new characters of this trilogy. More or less, our hands may be full over the course of the next year with the release of the first anthology movie in the Canon universe titled "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" which takes us on a journey to understand more about the Rogue squadron that stole the plans of the Death Star prior to the events of Episode VI: A New Hope and the involvement of some of the most noticeable faces of the original movies with those events. Rogue One will be initially released on 15th of December, 2016.


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