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10. Scarlet Overkill (Minions)

Scarlet never was the best boss for the minions. All Scarlet wanted was to be queen of England. She didn't want anybody to work for her, she didn't like it when Bob became king. She never really liked the minions, she just wanted them to make her queen of England. She was pretty bad. She was never a good boss for the minions. The best boss for the minions has to be Gru. I think Gru is the one that likes them the best. 9. Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2)

This is probably the baddest fairy that ever existed. It seems like other princesses got good fairy godmother but Fiona had to get the bad one. She did not like the fact that Fiona married Shrek. This fairy was really against Shrek and wanted to get rid of him so Fiona could marry Charming. And this fairy even said something that was a very bad thing to say that wasn't true "ogres don't live happily ever after." 8. Miles Axlerod (Cars 2)

This car was never the best one out of all the talking cars. This car may have had the idea of the World Grand Prix but he didn't like the agents and he wanted to be their enemy. And he even did something that makes nobody prove anybody wrong that he did not like the agents. He activated a bomb on Mater. And he was the only one that could deactivate it. 7. Johnny Worthington III (Monsters University)

Roar Omega Roar was never a good scare team. The best scare team is definitely Oozma Kappa. And the leader of Roar Omega Roar is definitely a scary evil monster. Johnny Worthington III just wanted to kill Oozma Kappa. He is evil. And Mike and Sulley did the right thing not to join Roar Omega Roar and join Oozma Kappa instead. 6. Mordu (Brave)

Mordu wasn't always a bear. He was once a human until the witch turned him into a bear. And after being a bear for some time he became a really evil bear. Then Merida's mom turned into a bear. But it's a good thing that she became a human again fast. Mordu died. 5. King Kandy (Wreck it Ralph)

Why was King Kandy evil? How did he become a villain? He was actually Turbo. His game was the most popular in the arcade until Roadblasters got plugged in. And after both his game and Roadblasters got unplugged he became an evil king in Sugar Rush. And he didn't want Vannellope to be princess anymore so he wouldn't let her cross the finish line. But Ralph got rid of the evil King Kandy and Vanellope became princess again. 4. Professor Callaghan (Big Hero 6)

Professor Callaghan was actually the guy in the Kabuki mask. Professor Callaghan was evil. He was the one that killed Tadashi. It was all because Alastair Krei sent away his daughter Abigail and they thought she died even though she was really just stuck in a portal. Hiro and Baymax got Abigail out of the portal but Professor Callaghan got arrested. 3. Chef Skinner (Ratatouille)

Chef Skinner is a pretty evil chef. He is nothing like Gusteau or Linguini. After Gusteau died he wanted to be the owner of the restaurant. And he wouldn't let Linguini be the owner of the restaurant even though he was supposed to be the owner of the restaurant since he was Gusteau's son. And Chef Skinner did not like Remy. He hated rats. Chef Skinner wanted to kill Remy. 2. Lord Farquaad (Shrek)

Lord Farquaad wanted to be the king of Duloc. He wanted to marry Princess Fiona and have her be his queen. But he only wanted to marry her so he could be king. He didn't really care about Fiona. And that's why he sent Shrek to rescue her instead of doing it himself. Before Farquaad married Fiona the dragon ate him. So Shrek married Fiona instead. Farquaad was not the right person to marry Fiona. He was evil. 1. Anger (Inside Out)

OK, some people might argue that Anger is not a villain. He just looks like a villain because he's Anger. But the reason why I think he's a villain is not because of his red evil face and fire head. I think he's a villain because he's the one that caused all the trouble inside Riley's head when Joy and Sadness weren't there. He gave Riley all those bad ideas like running away. I think Joy should fire Anger from Heasquarters.


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