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In the last eps of arrow oliver is running for mayor everyone knows that by now hopefully so oliver was haveing a campain meeting and dameon dark comes in and oliver trys to protect felicity he fails in doing that so dameon takes thea,felicity, and dig. So now that damwon has all of them olvier gos to get them but in doing so he gets captured dameon shows oliver what his plan is to kill his friends.Thea,Felicity,Dig gos inside and there is gas released in the box they try to break the glass buut they cant oliver is telling felicity that he loves her.Laurel comes in saves them she breaks the glass with her scream device everyone gets out and dameon dark runs.Everyone gos about there day like nothing happend and oliver go back to his next campain event and he makes a speech after he makes his speech he get down on one knee and asks felicity to marry him she says yes and than they get in the limo while they are driving the ghots comes in and sarts to shot up the car oliver protects felicity. Olive gos to the front of the limo and he start to drive when he is finally far away from the ghots he gos to see if felicity is ok she was shot and blood was coming out of her mouth. So what does every one think is going to happen to flelicty


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