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(SPOILER) The story of a couple, a husband the sheriff the wife a doctor who lives in a distant future where there is population control. To have a third child is illegal and is punishable be imprisonment for life or over three thousand years. The Husband who is a sheriff got put in jail for a few years but escapes after hearing that his wife and two of their kids are allowed to go back in time to when the dinosaurs existed. He pays some one to help him get his daughter (the illegal one) to "the plaza" (where the portal is) and almost does not make it through but when he does he is now free with his whole family.

The whole series is about small struggles between the colony and dinosaurs. There is a resistance against the colony called the sixers lead by a women who is only there with a hope of seeing her daughter, who is being held by the people that want to destroy and exploit the land of the past. The leader of the colony "Taylor" has a son who is working with the people who is holding the daughter. Taylor's son then finishes his studies to have the portal go both ways then he schedules for his army to come through the portal on the eleventh pilgrimage. The sheriff's son has a girlfriend (Kara/Cara) he promised to get to the past so he does some jobs for the sixers, she is scheduled to arrive on the eleventh pilgrimage.

When it was time for the eleventh pilgrimage a few civilians come through and the Kara comes through, the sheriff walks up to her and hugs her in a deep embrace soon after a man comes through he says "please help me" and opens his tunic and he goes boom. The sheriff is knocked out cold for three days. When he awoke he came to find out that the colony was taken over and was on strict watch. Taylor and a group of others are in hiding ready to attack and reclaim the colony. At the end the sheriff goes through the portal and destroys it from the other side. The ending was a huge cliffhanger and needs to be finished.


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