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Cartoon Network's original animated series Steven Universe has cultivated a dedicated following among children, adults, men and women alike. Its art design, voice acting, music, character development and LGBT and diversity themes have been praised by multiple periodicals and critics. The series has garnered so much popularity that it's branched out into comics, companion books and a video game.

One of most appealing aspects of the show are the Crystal Gems and their use of fusion (combining two gems together by dancing). Each gem has their own signature style and they must be in tune with each other for the process to work. Some dances are entertaining, but standard. While others are more elaborate and sensual, thus more engaging to watch. I don't consider this *THE* list for top fusion dances, but they're my own picks. Hopefully, you (the readers) agree or understand my choices. Now, let's proceed to Steven Universe's top 3 fusion dances.

3. Steven and Connie: Stevonnie

This is the first time on the show a half-gem/human fused. It's also one of the more unique, fusion dances. Steven and Connie are twirling with each other. They're uncoordinated, but their styles are so free-spirited and playful. You can also sense a profound, but innocent connection between the two of them, as they gaze into one another's eyes and laugh at the ridiculousness of it. The dance is subtle, but brilliantly executed representation of their youth and budding romance.

2. Pearl and Garnet: Sardonyx

When Peridot (Crystal Gem's enemy) fixes the communication hub (a tall crystal radio-like tower) to summon help. Garnet and Pearl fuse for the first time to bring it down again (previously, Amethyst and Garnet did). Pearl's ballerina-esque technique and Garnet's smooth, but funky rhythm surprisingly blend well together. These two old friends convey a sense of reverence towards each other as they're swaying back and forth. The measure cleverly symbolizes the two gems, accompanying Pearl with a soft, piano melody and Garnet a catchy, techno beat. It's simple, but speaks volume.

1. Garnet and Amethyst: Sugalite

The gems and Steven search for whatever's disturbing his TV reception. They come upon the communication hub and Garnet insists fusing (or as Amethyst put it "mashing it up") with Amethyst to transform into Sugalite. I feel the beginning of this ensemble kicks off like a rock concert. Garnet and Amethyst's gems are blaring. The sounds of their gems firing up synchronize with the music beautifully. It's also amusing seeing Garnet's waacking play off of Amethyst's club dancing style. I believe the music in this segment is quite strong and consequently heightens the experience.

Unfortunately, there's (in my opinion) not many more impressive dances from the bunch. However, with Steven Universe returning in a week, there's no doubt we'll see new fusions and their included dances. Whether they serve as a purpose for battle, wrecking or (in Steven and Connie's case) getting closer together. It's a magical process that grows more intriguing and lovely as the series evolves.


Which fusion dance is your favorite?


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