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The 12 days of Deadpool are finally at an end, and now Trailer Day itself has arrived! While you open your stockings and everything under the tree today, take a moment to open the greatest gift of all, a brand new red band trailer with a whole lot of Deadpool! Here it is!

And not that I would consider it necessary for a single moment, but if you wish to compare of have kids around, feel free to also watch this kid friendly version of the trailer!

Now, that was sweet as hell, no? Let's take a look at the big moments throughout that heap of awesome!

It seems the Merc with the Mouth is going after someone by the time this cab ride rolls around. I can imagine this hilariously random and out of place scene taking place right before the final battle.

Although probably not incredibly important to the story, this is just awesome, and very Deadpool as well.

And this is both hilarious and completely accurate. As Deadpool says himself:

"You're probably thinking this is a superhero movie, but that guy in the suit just turned the other guy into a f*cking kebab. Surprise, this is a different kind of superhero story."

"Well to tell it right, we've got to take you back to before I squeezed this ass into spandex."

I've never seen so much of a superhero's ass before the film even comes out, but like Deadpool himself says, it's a great ass.

This must be a member of the Weapon X programme. The actor is Jed Rees, and the character is merely billed as "The Recruiter". While it is possible that this is an alias for a character name we would recognize, it's possible that this is really all there is to him.

And there's another amazing Deadpool line, as he tells this top secret government agent with an incredulous proposal involving extremely complicated science that he sounds like an infomercial, and not a good one.

We know already that this relationship is what the film is all about (except for... you know... Deadpool being Deadpool). Copycat (Morena Baccarin) is a great character to bring into the mix, and as she says later she certainly isn't going to be a typical damsel in distress.

Here's our very first look at Ed Skrein starring as Ajax, who looks set to be the primary antagonist. I'm assuming he is in charge of the Weapon X program, but surely is enchanced in some way himself, if he is to take on Deadpool.

And we also get a very quick glimpse at another project going on. We already saw the mutant Spike in X-Men: The Last Stand, and he is traditionally depicted as a man, but you never know.

And this lady, who looks like she could beat up Ronda Rousey, is Angel Dust (Gina Carano). She's almost certainly set to be a bad guy, and a bad-ass also.

And then it all goes terribly wrong. While Wade was successfully turned into Deadpool, the facility doesn't seem to make it into the second act of the film. We also see a quick shot of what looks like Wade taking on Ajax in the facility as it comes down around them.

And while Ajax must have escaped unscathed, possibly winning the battle and leaving Wade to die, Wade no longer can die, and rises from the ashes.

And after a visit with Weasel in which we hear more about how good Wade looks, it's finally time to suit up, though that mask doesn't quite look the same as the final version.

And here is where we see that Ajax was indeed totally untouched by that fire at the Weapon X facility. Ajax is a worthy opponent for Deadpool. In the comics he is a deadly mercenary with superhuman strength, increased intuition, superhuman speed and agility and increased pain tolerance.

And now Deadpool will be pissed off. Copycat probably won't go down easily, and I really hope we get to see her kick some ass, but Ajax and Angel Dust will take her eventually, and cause Wade to go on a little rampage.

And the search may take some time as well. Either this is Deadpool's, and it belongs to Ajax, who has been tracking Wade for some time since the accident, leading him to Copycat.

Deadpool also gets shot in the ass on the bridge apparently. That's hilarious!

This was just too good a moment to not take a picture. Deadpool is vicious, and here it's just awesome. He chopped that guy's head off and then volleyed it into another guy!

I'm not certain, but it seems likely that this is Blind Al (Leslie Uggams). She has always been a supporting character to Deadpool, with a complicated relationship between the two spiralling through stages where she is his: Prisoner, friend, Housekeeper and mother figure. It'll be interesting to see which of these is the one most explored in the film.

Ah, here we are. That's Wade and Ajax having it out in the burning Weapon X facility. Wade is still in his hospital clothing, and looks pretty pissed off.

I love this so much! Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead just turn up, maybe officially investigating the disturbance on the bridge for the X-Men, and Deadpool just doesn't care. Not even a little bit.

"I don't have time for your X-Men b*llshit Colossus, besides no-one got hurt... that guy was up there before we got here.

I love the fact that she even tells him she's never been a damsel in distress. Copycat ain't taking this lying down. I really hope she doesn't die in this, although it seems like quite a possibility.

This looks like a very different fight between the two, probably the final battle. It looks set to be epic!

I didn't originally realise, but Ajax's name is Francis, so this appears to be Wade's way to deal with his anger. That, and killing a whole lot of dudes!

He even stops while upside down in mid air to wonder whether or not he left the oven on, this guy is the best superhero ever.

And there's Angel Dust again. She does look quite terrifying.

Okay, that was a shocker. Colossus taking a hit like that doesn't happen against anyone short of a Hulk, so it's pretty incredible to see Angel Dust give him such a whack!

This film is just full of characters I can tell I'm going to love, including this one. She's sitting on her phone in the middle of a battle. Not that Deadpool can talk, Ryan Reynolds is an incredibly active celebrity on twitter.

But when she goes, boy does she go. That is some incredible power she's got inside her!

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What was your favourite part of the trailer?


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