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Merry Christmas everybody! I'm sure the mega Deadpool fans have already seen but in case you were too busy sipping eggnog and opening presents, there's a brand new Deadpool trailer!

I'll post the link below if you haven't seen it. You can go take a look, enjoy it all in it's beautiful, violent and hilarious glory then jump on back to this tab and continue reading. Don't worry I'll wait. Waiting... Waiting...

Okay you're back? Tremendous! Let's get to talkin' then. If you couldn't tell by the title of this article, I believe that Deadpool is exactly the comic book movie we have been waiting for to change the genre! Now, you may be asking things like 'seriously? Deadpool'? Or something like 'aren't you reaching a little here buddy?' to which I would say thank you for saying we're buddies that means a lot, but I'm not reaching and I AM serious!

Let's get to the why:

3. The Marketing

What? The Marketing? But that has nothing to do with the characters, plot, action or overall enjoyment of the movie Brandon! Yes, I know reader. The reason the marketing for this film has been absolutely brilliant and essential to the hopeful success of Deadpool is it's calculated precision and ability to have a less is more style.

I'll be one of the first guys to say I am a HUGE fan of Marvel Studios' movies that take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, with the MCU's 2015 release of [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035), their marketing team had an issue of releasing too many trailers and footage that frankly almost gave away the entire film for me. I didn't hate Age of Ultron but it was not one of their best by far. For my full review of Age of Ultron you can actually find that below.

Now, why does this make Deadpool's marketing better? Up until today they had only released ONE trailer for everyone to say. No, having one green band and one red band doesn't count as two. They allowed us to enjoy the comedy and Deadpool antics through Ryan Reynolds and company giving us tons of images like the one pictured above in front of the fireplace or the one pictured below where he's simply on the toilet reading his own Deadpool comic.

For die hard fans like myself it made me so happy to see them bringing the character to life in such a perfect way but for general audience members it left them laughing but also curious what kind film they were in stored for. That's exactly what you want fans to be, excited or at least laughing and curious to see for themselves what's going on. I could also have an entire article alone on their 12 Days of Deadpool campaign. Just simple but genius! They didn't have to give us multiple trailers where they give away the entire movie.

2. The Violence/Humor

Comic book fans were worried that 20th Century Fox would force director Tim Miller to give us a PG-13 dimmed down version of our favorite Merc with the Mouth. It's no secret why most studios prefer PG-13 over Rated R films because that opens up a whole demographic that Rated R films sometimes cannot draw. However, as we learned on April Fool's Day this year Deadpool is without a doubt going to be Rated R.

Deadpool is a character who not only has a foul mouth on him but also is always surrounded by extreme violence. With his regeneration powers even stronger than Wolverine's Deadpool has the power to grow back limbs or even re-attach his own head from decapitation. We've seen snippets in the trailers just how bloody and brutal this is going to be. just take a look at this screenshot from the first red band trailer below. Looks like Deadpool just finished killing about 6 or 7 bad guys.

This doesn't even include that fact that Deadpool will be breaking the 4th wall! How many meta jokes will Ryan Reynolds be cracking behind the red mask. RDJ was always great at cracking one liners as Iron Man but this will be like nothing we've ever seen. How much will Deadpool know in the movie? Does he know he's in a comic in a movie? Does he know about that terrible Wolverine Origins film? I hope we answer all these questions and more!

He'll be unlike any of the heroes in the mainstream like Captain America, Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Thor or even Fox's own X-Men because Deadpool has zero problem murdering people. He's basically if you took Spider-Man's sense of humor and merged him with The Punisher's killer instinct. Yes, I do understand we've had some violent and Rated R comic book movies like Watchmen, Sin City, and even The Punisher with a couple cinematic outings.

What sets Deadpool apart from those is the balance of blood and gore with hilarious and dark humor. Refer again to the picture above. What is Deadpool doing? He's sitting on top of two stacked bodies of men he just killed like they are some kind of desk chair with the attitude of "just another day at the office" as he reloads his gun.

1. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool

Before you throw arguments at me like Ryan Reynolds is box office poison with films like Green Lantern or R.I.P.D. Can you sit there and honestly blame Reynolds for those scripts and terrible direction? No, you can't. The reason I think Deadpool is going to be a major comeback for Reynolds is because over the past 15 years we've been having tons of comic book films I've never seen an actor champion a movie into production and immerse himself into a character like Reynolds has.

I'm not saying other actors don't love their jobs as superheros in other comic book movies but when the costume designer came to the film set with Ryan Reynold's Deadpool outfit he was in tears. He loves this character. He loves the film he's creating with Tim Miller. He loves Deadpool! For example when it comes to actors like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans and other MCU actors, we are constantly hearing about their film contracts and how many they have left to make. Some seem like they sort of can't wait to be done with the burden of playing the same character over and over.

Ryan Reynolds has the attitude that he loves this character so much he would have no problem playing Deadpool for many movies. He just wants to explore this world and violent/hilarious universe for all the Deadpool fans.

For all these reasons I believe that Deadpool will not only be a fun action movie but also change how studios make comic book movies. They will allow directors to fully dive into these stories no matter if they are Rated R or out of the mainstream of popular characters. So, please go see Deadpool in theaters February 12th and watch as other studios hopefully take notice!

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Thanks for reading and have a tremendous day!


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