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Look I get it! Deadpool is supposed to be a funny and quirky type of hero. And yes he also has a cynical and mature side even in the comic books. With all of the commercials and the trailers I am starting to believe that Deadpool's comedy much like Jim Carrey work better on television than on the movie screen. The reason Jim Carrey is brought up in this analysis of Deadpool's TV spots and trailers is that Ryan Reynolds seems to be trying to give us his best interpretation of Jim Carrey.

Deadpool - Ryan Reynolds

Riddler - Jim Carrey

And people really grew bored with Jim Carrey's type of humor on the movie screen. Jim's type of comedy and humor always seemed like a better fit for shows like In Living Color which was a urban version of Saturday Night Live.

Jim Carrey In Living Color

Like Carrey I think Reynolds comedy, which seems to be very similar to Jim's, seems to work better on TV.

Deadpool TV Spot

Don't get me wrong I want this movie to succeed. I will be in the theater on opening day like I am for every comic book movie.....even Fantastic Four! But I worry that we as fans will find out that Deadpool's type of humor and fourth wall experience may work better on TV and in comic books. The trailers do not come off as funny as the TV spots or the comics.

But I am really curious to how you guys feel about the trailer and the upcoming Deadpool movie. Please share your thoughts below.


Do you think Ryan Reynolds Deadpool will be a Jim Carrey rip off?

Are you excited about the Deadpool movie???


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