ByScott D Smith, writer at

I saw him die and I realized they had gone too far. Han Solo was the funniest, most real character by far in the new movie. Who wants to see Star Wars without all the fun? The sly remarks. The raw talent. The sexy.. even at his age. And played by an a-list actor who finds truth in his character. I wonder if Kylo Ren is a double agent? There is a theory that Han has known all along that Kylo wants to destroy the dark side so he must sacrifice his father to become a sith and get to the leaders. I like it! But I am so pissed about losing my favorite character that I have no plans to see any other Star Wars movies.

There is an old rule in plot writing.. you can kill off a big character, but you can't kill a sacred cow without risking the franchise. Now, Carrie Fisher is a terrible actress. Why not kill her? The writers have lost the funniest, most interesting, most compelling character in science fiction. How is the next move going to compare?To me, they made a great movie. But at a high price. It's the last one anyone will care to see.


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