ByAleta M. Wright, writer at

I think the idea of Destiel or rather Dean and Castiel (by the way I hate shipping names) would be kind of awesome. I could see it working out in a fanfic like arena but I agree that it wouldn't work well in the show. The show isn't built for it, it wasn't' set up to go that way. You are right when you say that the show is about two brothers. I love Castiel as a character, I love Dean. Not as huge a fan of Sam the character not the actor. As far as the fan art and the fanfic that is going to come with any show that gets a good following with it and while it might not be great for his daughter to see when she gets older she also has the ability to not look it up, or have it shoved in her face and also the fact that when she is old enough the show my not be as big as it is now. So I agree that it should stay in fanfic but I don't think we should get down on those that do the fanart or fanfic as they do it out of love for a show and it's hard not to want to ship certain characters that are favorites.


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