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Everyone likes to celebrate the holidays in their own way, and many of these are completely average in every way. Then there are the others, and what I am about to show you falls into the farthest end of that category.

The picture above is of Aaron and Austin Keeling, the film directors behind The House on Pine Street. Over the last two weeks, they have worked with their family and used a variety of materials including gingerbread, icing, candy of many kinds and... rice krispie treats?

Anyway, the point is that they have created something I can't quite believe is real. It's a replica of the Overlook Hotel from the 1980 film The Shining, made out of those materials, and contains rooms which feature the most infamous scenes from the film recreated inside!

Pretty incredible, no? Although the original animals on the resort are not depicted here, it seems to be a very faithful adaptation of the film's hotel. The maze is incredible, and the extra foliage is a beautiful touch, but we can see inside at the incredible attention to detail within individual rooms as well!

The Twins in the Hallway!

This is absolutely terrifying in every way, just like the original scene was. There have been so many takes on this over the years, but it is still both refreshing and new to see them in gingerbread form. I'm going to move on, they're still scaring me a little.

Room 237!

This one is a little weird. I don't think I could stomach eating this part of the hotel honestly. I imagine that it's delicious, but I would be thinking about this horrible scene from the film way too much to be able to eat anything.

The Ghosts!

The expression of the gingerbread man/woman seeing all of the ghosts in the room is just hilarious, and while it was maybe a little bit different in the film, it's still hilarious how they have depicted the ghosts!

The Blood Flood!

I'm... not quite sure how they did this part, but it is really impressive!

And of course... Here Comes Johnny!

This masterpiece would have been incomplete without the most well known scene, where Jack Torrence tries to break into the bathroom where his wife is hiding. I have to say that the expression on the gingerbread Jack here is perfectly insane, and this is an amazing recreation of the scene!

So what do you think guys? Was that a great recreation of one of the most well known horror films of all time? Or merely a delicious treat for the Keeling family to share this Christmas?

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Which part of the house would you like to eat?


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