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Somnath Chakraborty

This is my first post so please bare with me. Thank You.

All Those People Afraid Of Spoilers Beware !!

I watched Star Wars : The Force Awakens today and i cannot help but feel optimistic about the direction it is headed. People are already booing Kylo Ren but i think he is going to be an era defining villain (eventhough the acting is a bit lacklustre).

Kylo Ren, the defected son of Han Solo and Leia Organa, is what a villain looks in the earliest stages of evolution. I think that Anakin Skywalker fought the same inmer battles that Kylo is facing now. Kylo knows that he has huge boots to fill ( that of Darth Vader) so he has "fear" as Rey mentions but he is filled with that determination to overcome the urge of the Light side. He views Supreme Leader Snoke as his tool of greatness. I think that he hides more than he gives away. So all those fanatics who are already criticising Kylo should beware and hope that Kylo doesnt come back to haunt them.

The addition of the Starkiller Base changes the equation of warfare in the universe. Wiping out four planets at the same time shows a glimpse at what weapons Supreme Leader Snoke and the First Order are capable of concocting. The Resistance came close to total annihilation and they know it too.

I also think that if the movie is compared to any other movie it is Batman Begins. Look at this Star Wars as the beginning of a great trilogy just like The Dark Knight Trilogy. As the concluding sentence i would like to state : " The Best is yet to come. Just Wait for Heath ".


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