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The tale of a young hero with enormous potential that horribly turns to the dark side and becomes a villain has been told for ages. However, these 2 examples shine brighter than the rest, and i'm pitting them in a battle to the death in BATTLE ARENA.

Darth Vader

Originally known as Anakin Skywalker, Darth Vader was thought to be the Child of Prophecy within the Star Wars universe. Possessing potential for great power within himself, Anakin abruptly turned against the light and joined the dark, becoming the monstrous Sith Lord known as Darth Vader.


  • Dark Armor: Vader possesses a suit of armor, accompanied by mechanical limbs, that enable him to survive the harshest environments. He possesses Infrared and Ultraviolet Vision. His armor is composed of a highly durable Durasteel Alloy and possesses gauntlets composed of Mandalorian Iron. The suit grants him a life support system that keeps him alive, but if exposed to too much electricity, the life system can shut down, resulting in Vader's doom.
  • Force Mastery: With the force, Darth Vader can do nearly anything he desires. With a vast versatile array of abilities, Darth Vader is a force to be reckoned with. If his life support system shuts down, Vader can use the force to keep his body up and running for hours, giving him enough time to fix such an issue.
  • Superhuman Strength: Without the force, Darth Vader can lift several hundred pounds with ease due to his immense bodily modifications. However, with the force, he can enhance his strength even further to incredible levels.
  • Superhuman Durability: With his Dark Armor, Darth Vader can tank laser blasts from blaster rifles and pistols, can withstand Lightsaber blows, and can endure tons of punishment with ease.
  • Telekinesis: The force allows Vader to telekinetically manipulate objects with his mind. Moving objects around like nothing, Vader's prowess with the force allows him to move Starships around, crush the organs of his opponent, form powerful barriers around himself, and manipulate his lightsaber without holding it.
  • Telepathy: Darth Vader can manipulate the mentality of weak minded people.
  • Force Maelstorm: Using his connection with the Dark Side of the force, Darth Vader can manipulate and emit dark energy into powerful energy blasts.
  • Kinetite: Due to his mechanical body, Vader cannot fire streams of powerful lightning like most Siths, instead, he condenses it into powerful orbs of lightning which he can fire at his opponents.
  • Tutaminis: The force grants Vader the ability to absorb all types of energy, rendering most energy based attacks meaningless.
  • Lightsaber Master: Darth Vader is a master with a lightsaber, capable of defeating powerful foes like Obi Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and more with his skills. Using his brute strength to compliment the incredible skills he possesses, Darth Vader is one of the most skilled duelists in all of Star Wars History.
  • Duel Phase Lightsaber: A custom made lightsaber that can extend in length at will.

Obito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was a kind, friendly, determined shinobi within Konohagakure, The Hidden Leaf Village. He was determined to become Hokage to prove all of his comrades wrong, as most of them thought he was a screw up. However, this all changed as he turned against the village as the one he loved, Rin, was killed. Believing that no one can find true happiness, Obito set out under the wing of rogue Shinobi Madara Uchiha to gain power and place the world in an endless illusion.


  • Fire Manipulation: Obito Uchiha possesses the ability to expel flames from his mouth, despite him wearing a mask. The fire can be in the form of a continuous stream, or an enormous fireball.
  • Wind Manipulation: With his Gunbai, Obito can manipulate wind to form powerful gusts and vortexes.
  • Wood Manipulation: Due to him possessing the DNA of the First Hokage, Obito can produce and manipulate wood from his body in the form of deadly branches, which he can use to skewer his opponents.
  • Sharingan: Obito is from the Uchiha clan, granting him access to the unique ability of the Sharingan. With this ability, he can look at one's chakra, cast illusions, and predict an opponent's movements.
  • Mangekyo Sharingan: An evolved version of the Sharingan, this allows Obito to use Kamui, an incredibly powerful ability.
  • Kamui: A space time ninjutsu that allows Obito to teleport from any location he desires. He can also teleport from the real world to his pocket dimension, called the Kamui Dimension. He can summon numerous ninja tools form the Kamui dimension, such as giant shurikens and chakra disruptors.
  • Intangibility: With Kamui, Obito can teleport portions of his body upon impact with another person or thing, giving the illusion of intangibility as the person seemingly phases through him. However, he cannot become intangible when he is teleporting or when he is teleporting someone else, as he must materialize himself.
  • Rinnegan: Obito possesses another visual ability known as the Rinnegan, this grants him numerous abilities, including the Deva Path, which allows him to manipulate gravitation fields.
  • Master Hand to Hand Combatant: Obito is a shinobi and has gone through immense training with Madara Uchiha. He has been able to take out Jonin Level Ninjas and even Kage Level Ninjas. Fighting toe to toe against the likes of Naruto and Kakashi.
  • Regeneration: With his body mainly composed of White Zetsu material, Obito can regenerate wounds easily, even entire limbs. However he can only take so much, as if he receives a strong enough blow, he can be incapacitated, or even killed, as seen in his battle with Kakashi.
  • Gunbai: Obito possesses a Gunbai fan, which Obito uses both, Offensively, and Defensively. He uses this gunbai to manipulate winds, which he can infuse with fire to produce stronger attacks, and can deflect and tank attacks, such as a Mini Tailed Beast Ball from Naruto, showcasing it's incredible durability.

Alright, now we know what these characters are capable of, lets put them in the ring.


(A Starship is seen landing in the forest of Konohagakure, The Village Hidden in the Leaves. The ship opens up and numerous Stormtroopers exit the spacecraft, scanning the area.)

Stormtrooper 1: It's clear.

(Darth Vader follows the Stormtroopers, looking around the area.)

Darth Vader: We are not alone.

(Darth Vader looks to the right, revealing Obito Uchiha revealing himself behind some trees.)

Obito: You sensed my presence. Impressive I must say.

Darth Vader: Who are you?

Obito: My identity is not of your concern.

(The Stormtroopers aim their blasters at Obito, who stares motionlessly.)

Obito: Hm.

(Obito charges towards the Stormtroopers, avoiding their blasts. Obito produces a wooden branch from his palm, allowing him to stab one Trooper, then he spins, taking his Gunbai and swinging it directly into the head of another trooper, knocking him onto the ground. Obito then jumps in the air, firing numerous branches into the remaining Troopers, killing them, allowing Obito to land on the ground and lunge at Vader. Darth Vader stands there and extends his arm, ready to Force Choke Obito.)

(Obito is lifted into the air by Vader, with his throat being crushed. However, Obito teleports behind Vader, spinning around. Obito is about to grab Vader in an attempt to teleport him to the Kamui Dimension, but Vader turns around, force pushing Obito's back, sending him crashing into a tree. Obito uses the tree as a boost so he can leap at Vader, spinning, where he swings his Gunbai into Vader. Darth Vader ducks and force pushes Obito again, and as Obito turns around towards Vader, the Sith Lord extracts his Lightsaber and swings it at Obito, who ducks and kicks Vader's hand into the air. Obito does a backflip and he breathes fire at Vader, who uses the force to deflect the flames, sending them back into Obito, burning his sleeve. Obito jumps away.)

Obito: I have a feeling this bout is going to be quite entertaining.

Darth Vader: You think this is a game?

(Darth Vader force pulls Obito towards him, allowing Vader to thrust his Lightsaber into Obito, who phases through Vader, then turns around and swings his gunbai straight into Vader's helmet with enough force to knock him onto the ground. Vader rolls onto his feet, but he gets up and throws his lightsaber at Obito, who jumps and swings his Gunbai by its chain, swinging it into Vader. Darth Vader moves the Gunbai around using the force, taking Obito with him. Darth Vader sends the gunbai flying, and in result, sending Obito flying towards Darth Vader, who tries to grab Obito by the throat. Obito phases through Vader once again and he leaps away, looking at Darth Vader with no emotion on his face.)

Obito: You will have to try harder than that.

Darth Vader: You could make a powerful Sith, but your arrogance is your downfall.

(Darth Vader attracts his lightsaber with the force, then runs at Obito, using the force to enhance his speed. Darth Vader swings his lightsaber into Obito, who deflects it with his Gunbai. Vader's saber proves ineffective against Obito's Gunbai due to its incredible durability, allowing Obito to jump and kick Vader in the face, stunning Vader. Obito then drops down and swings his Gunbai into Vader's feet. Darth Vader is tripped, but as he falls, Vader throws his Saber into Obito, who phases through it. Obiot then jumps in the air and performs numerous handsigns, only for Vader to attract the lightsaber, sending it flying into Obito's back before he can react. The Lightsaber tears through Obito entirely, allowing Vader to get up and force push Obito into a tree, smashing the tree open. Obito stumbles forward, but begins to heal from his wound.)

Obito: Now we're talking.

(Obito runs and teleports numerous shurikens from the Kamui Dimension, sending them flying at Darth Vader. Vader, however, slices through the Shurikens like nothing using his Lightsaber. Darth Vader then runs at Obito, who swings hsi Gunbai into Vader. Vader force pushes the Gunbai and swings his lightsaber into Obito, who phases through the Lightsaber, then kicks Vader in the leg, causing him to crouch over. Vader quickly reacts by swinging his saber into Obito again, but Obito is forced to phase through Vader. Obito then jumps away and swings his Gunbai, generating a powerful vortex, which Obito infuses with fire. The fiery vortex heads towards Vader while Obito looks on.)

(Darth Vader is then revealed to have surrounded himself with a Force Barrier. As the flames clear, Darth Vader force pulls Obito. The 2 clash Gunbai and Lightsaber, but as Vader tries to grab Obito by the throat, Obito phases through Vader and spins around, roundhouse kicking Vader in the head. However, Vader reacts fast enough to swing his lightsaber into Obito, forcing Obito to phase through Vader, rendering his kick ineffective. Darth Vader then force chokes Obito and lifts him up into the air.)

Darth Vader: You must materialize yourself to make physical contact. You're allowing me to exploit these flaws in your fighting style. Amateur.

(Darth Vader thrusts his lightsaber into Obito, only for Obito to teleport away, teleporting behind Vader. Obito extracts a branch from his palm and he slams it into Vader's back, however,t eh branch shatters upon impact due to Vader's armor. Vader turns around, swinging his lightsaber into Obito's head, but Obito phases through it and then jumps in the air, kicking Vader in the jaw, knocking him back. Darth Vader grabs Obito with the force and proceeds to smash him into the ground. Obito phases through the ground, then he teleports in front of Vader, kickis him twice in a fast consecutive motion. Vader stands tall and extends his Lightsaber.)

(Obito leaps back, then fires a continuous stream of fire at Vader. Darth Vader splits the stream into 2 and moves them aside using the force. Obito dispels the flames and runs towards Vader, who tries to force choke Obito, but Obito teleports behind Vader and teleports a giant shuriken from the Kamui Dimension, striking Vader in the back with enough force to pierce his armor. Darth Vader turns around, swinging his fist into Obito. Obito phases through the punch and teleports away, but as he teleports, Vader thrusts his lightsaber into Obito, stabbing him in the process. Obito teleports several meters away and slouches down as his wounds heal.)

Obito: I underestimated your ability at deciphering and strategizing. But I will no longer fall for such tricks.

Obito stands tall, then runs at Darth Vader, who recuperates from his own injury. Obito jumps in the air and sends his Gunbai crashing down onto Vader, who forms numerous balls of Kinetite, which he fires into Obito. Obito phases through them, then side kicks Vader in the hip. Vader however predicted this and attracts his Kinetite orbs. Obito is struck in the back by 2 of them, allowing Vader to strike, using his Force Maelstorm to form a powerful orb of energy, smashing it into Obito's face, shattering his mask. Obito is sent flying away, crashing into a tree. Obito gets up, revealing his face.)

Darth Vader: So this is what your true face looks like?

Obito: Soon I will get to see what your true face looks like as well.

Darth Vader: We'll see.

(Obito runs at Vader, who runs at Obito. Obito proceeds to deliver many swings with his Gunbai, which Vader dodges and deflects with his lightsaber. Vader then slices Obito with his lightsaber, but Obito phases through the attack and back kicks Vader in the leg, sending him kneeling forward. Obito spins and smashes his Gunbai into Vader's helmet, knocking him over. Darth Vader turns around and throws his lightsaber, only for Obito to phase through it. Obito then grabs Darth Vader and teleports him to the Kamui Dimension. Obito succeeds in doing this then turns around, only to see Darth Vader's lightsaber flying back towards his stomach. Obito phases through it, but this allows Vader to attack his stomach from the other dimension. Vader punches him in the gut, then grabs his stomach and tears it open with his brute strength. Obito yells in pain and slouches over as his stomach comes back to the real world. Obito turns around, only to see Vader's lightsaber flying around, confusing Obito. Darth Vader is then seen in the Kamui Dimesnion, suing the force to visualize the real world and move his lightsaber from there. The lightaber flies at Obito, who gets up and runs towards it , dodging it.)

(The lightsaber turns around, flying back towards Obito, who jumps over it, only for the Lightsaber to suddenly fly towards Obito, who phases through it, however, this allows Darth Vader to deliver another powerful blow. Obito coughs up blood, then realizes he must take the fight to the kamui dimension, so he teleports there.)

Obito: Enough of this!

(Obito runs towards Vader, who is now unarmed, and emits 2 spikes from his palms, intending to stab Vader. Darth Vader force pushes Obito, then force chokes him and lifts him up into the air.)

Darth Vader: Your main method of attack and defense is useless here.

(Obito quickly fires 2 branches from his palms at Vader, who deflects them with the force. However, this frees Obito, who runs and fires an enormous fireball at Vader, who disperses the fireball using the force, but as the fireball disperse, Obito runs at him and tackles him to the ground. The 2 get up and Obito fires an enormous fireball at Vader at point blank range. The fire and smoke clears and Vader is seen with his helmet destroyed.)

Darth Vader: You've gotten this far, but this ends here!

(Darth Vader force chokes Obito once again, then slams him into the ground numerous times. Darth Vader lifts a nearly unconscious Obito into the air, then reaches for his eyes.)

Darth Vader: These appear to be the source of your power. Now they are mine.

(Darth Vader is about to retrieve Obito's eyes, only for Obito to stab Vader in the up into his head with one of his wooden branches.)

Obito: You thought you had the upper hand, yet you were easily fooled.

(Obito removes the branch and then stabs him straight through the eye socket, killing Vader.)

Winner = Obito Uchiha

Reason: While yes, Vader is an incredible power house, with the force being an equal match for Obito's visual prowess and use of chakra, Obito is all out a more experienced and intelligent fighter. Darth Vader is incredibly intelligent, and would definitely find out about the flaws within kamui, but Obito would easily use his abilities and intellect to find an opening in Vader's attacks. This won't be easy, but Obito has dealt with incredibly powerful opponents before. He has the better defense with his regeneration and Kamui, and is a faster opponent as well, having fought against Naruto, who is faster than lightning. Darth Vader is incredibly powerful, but Obito's superior combat techniques and intellect gives him the win.


Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic The Hedgehog


The Flash
The Flash

Thank you guys for reading this article. Tune in soon to see who is faster, Sonic or The Flash.


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