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Frederick FatherChocolate Crew

This is going to be my first in a series of articles regarding characters that I think should come to Star Wars Rebels. First up is my favorite character, Commander Cody from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

I've actually never thought of it from that point of view. I always liked to tell myself that Cody missed Obi-Wan on purpose back in the day. I really like the idea of him being high up in the Empire and forced to make a decision between good and evil. I actually think it's inevitable that we'll see Cody. Rex even mentions him by name in the show.

One problem though, if not handled correctly, would be too many characters and taking the focus away from the Rebel crew. Rex and Ashoka for example. These two are very important characters, but they aren't in every episode. It's balanced out. Having those two in every episode would take the focus and the danger away like "Oh wow three Jedi. What danger can possibly come to them?" Just having those two every few episodes and knowing that they are part of the Rebel Alliance makes fans happy.

Can't have them in too little or too insignificant either. A character like Commander Cody needs to be called in by Vader. Have a scene like "Commander you're greatest brother is becoming a problem. Him and Ashoka have banded with the Rebels. Handle this at once." At that point, attacks would be swifter. And unlike Rex, Cody has probably been with the Empire training and making sure that he is in top physical condition. I mean, after you're believed to have killed Obi-Wan Kenobi, you'd better be able to uphold that reputation. Again, this idea is not canon, but it could be.

Just think of how awesome that would be though! Vader is tired of Agent Kallus's failures so he brings in Cody to do a better job. As the creators stated, they need to be respectful to the characters they bring in. Like they can't undermine Vader by having him fail a lot. Same with Cody. With all of his success during the Clone Wars, it wouldn't make sense for him to just suck all of sudden just because he's with the bad guys. Honestly, I'd want Cody to come out good in the end. Go out like a badass.

I think it would be fitting if Cody finally came out good and him and Rex went out together. Remember that almost every character in this show has to die because if they don't it'll be "Well where were then in A New Hope!?" and other things like that.

Just imagine Cody has the Inquisitors behind him and he has the Rebels and Rex cornered. They'll be like "You're dead now Rebel scum!" then Cody "Not so fast" and throws a smoke grenade or something. I'd have it be that the only way the Rebel team will live is dependent on Rex and Cody making the ultimate sacrifice.

But then again, this is only the beginning of the discussion. May the Force be with you!


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