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Andrew McMillan

Recently, on The Walking Dead, Glenn's tragic 'death' was unvealed upon millions on TVs during the first half of Season 6, but--what does this foreshadow?


Will Glenn Survive?

Personally, I strongly believe Glenn has had it this season. They give him a fake death and then possibly make everyone think: they won't pull another 'death' on us again! Think again, fellow die-hard fans.

I cannot simply think of a better reason to officially kill off a character--and one specifically from the Atlanta Five(Glenn, Rick, Carl, Carol, and Daryl)--because it has been a long while (Season 3). If Glenn is to die in this season finale, which I believe will come around being as his notorious villain that butchers him brutally on the black and white ink of the original series played out dramatically on comic book paper is coming, I don't see why not. I can't see why not.

It is likely that he could have a chance (a slim one) of being swapped with another character (Daryl, Carol, or even Maggie as some speculate) and survive the eminent, skull-cracking, depression-filled death. But why crush and debilitate such an iconic moment from the comic series? I'm all in on Glenn surviving forever but, let's be real: Not many of them will, not even Daryl if you ask me.

So, what do you all think? WIll Glenn survive this season, or bite the dust within minutes of the finale premiere? But then again, how do we know he'll even make it that far?


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