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Hey so there has bin a lot of conspiracy about if there should or should not be a fifth hunger games movie/book. I say yes. OMG if I has it my way I would have 10 thousand hunger games movies I love them to death. A big problem is if we are going to have another movie what would it be about and I think it would be about. The life after the hunger games after snow, after coin, after the rebellion. It would be about the kids that peeta and katniss had and the new life after the games. How they lived where. They could even look at gales life after katniss. So many things could happen. I think they should totally have another movie but not mockingjay prt.3 but they should call it " the rise of the rebels" or " the games end. Or something like that. Well that's my take. Let me know how you feel. And like this post if you do. Bye.


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