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Hello readers! From some of my previous articles, you would know that I am a massive Arrow fan, as I have created multiple logos based on the show.

Arrow Logo
Arrow Logo

In the first season of the show, Arrow introduced Helena Bertinelli, also known as the Huntress. In Season 2, the show re-introduced Sara Lance, this time as the vigilante Canary, and in the upcoming spin-off Legends of Tomorrow she will become the White Canary. Although we were already familiar with Laurel Lance, who in the comics is Black Canary, she was only introduced as the Black Canary in Season 3. You would think that that’s enough for Season 3, but no, they also made Thea Dearden Queen, Oliver’s beloved sister, into a red-clad, bow-wielding vigilante, Speedy.

Now, in the DC comic lore, there is a female superhero team called 'Birds of Prey'. This team usually consists of Huntress, Black Canary and Oracle. However, there have been many different additions and changes to the team roster. In my version of this super-heroine team-up, all of the heroes stated in my previous paragraph are included in this team roster.

However, there is still one crucial member to the team, and is one of the original members, Oracle. It's rather obvious who would be the replacement. Who else on the show is a tech savvy girl, and helps the team behind a computer? Felicity Smoak. Yes, Oliver’s new love interest is the super-heroine that completes the team roster.

Birds of Prey
Birds of Prey


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In the meantime, check out the trailer for the next episode of Arrow, titled 'A.W.O.L'!


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