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In this post, we finally learn what happened to Kevin McCallister, years after the events of Home Alone. It's just a little NSFW, but here's the video if you missed it:

It's a production from Jack Dishel, the first episode of his new comedy web series, :DRYVRS. It's pretty freaking hilarious, all the way down to Macaulay's reenactment of him running around his house, flailing his arms like a wild child. Only, in the new video, he's covered in blood. *awkward silence*

20 million views in a little over a weeks? I'd say that's a pretty impressive statement to the immortal power that is Home Alone.

Who also thought it was hilarious? Daniel Stern! The dumb (or dumber I guess) half of the Wet Bandits, Marv Merchants, Daniel has posted his response to Macaulay's super-viral video. Here you go:

It even ends with his signature girly-girl scream from this scene-

Not sure if that's he rescreaming his scream, or just a snippit from the original movie, but that high-pitched wail cracks my big horse's ass up every time.

Whatcha gonna do now, McCallister?


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