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This is a Hammer film QUARTERMASS IN THE PIT is set in London in the 1960's . The story starts ......When a seemingly normal tube (railway) station restoration in suburban London, Hobbs End uncovers a human skull and bone remnants in a surprise find by Londons railworkers.

It is immeiately declared a archeological site. Dr Rooney, Archeologist is called in and his team scientists and diggers set about preserving the site for scientific discovery.

But when Rooney tells reporters of the findings – Ape man / human remains, headlines go out SPACE MEN FOUND ............this strange news alarms the public and when further reports indicate a World War 2 Bomb has been found the public go into panic. A black body of steel is discovered and identified as a possible bomb threat. The Army acting as a Bomb squad are called in to take control. But when they discover that it is no ordinary recepticle they are baffled.

Science and Defence are pitted against eachother, both claiming control over the disturbing finds, until the top brass are informed and the Prime Minister orders a urgent official meeting.

Enter......Proffesor Quartermass who is called upon to discuss the scientific explanation and level of concern to National security regarding the discovery of these strange Ape man skulls, he in turn visits the Hobbs End site where he witnesses the skulls and a large black ominous looking spaceship that has been uncovered.

A huge slick black bodied Spaceship stands the size of a van, its sides adorned by sleek looking wings, no visible controls, markings or form of power can be seen.

Upon further inspection of the crafts inner opening a etching of 7 circles forming a pentagram is found, a brief inquiry into the history of Hobs End follows, which is revealed by old ancient Latin text in the towns archives that Hobs actually means Satan.

So when Quartermass his sexy assistant and a baffled policeman are drawn across the street into abandoned terraces where they discover strange markings and a haunting presence. Something is clearly amiss.

After further investigation they discover the distraught policman has taken refuge with a priest in a nearby graveyard, when questioned he claims of a horrible vision of demons bouncing, after falling back into his trance the ordeal is destined to be to much for the man to endure.

Meanwhile Rooney the doctor of Archeological science is busy running tests on human brains, he plans to wire the subject as he drills into the Spacecraft, so he and his team can see inside the subjects brain and monitor its activity in a hope to identify this thing they long to understand.

Meanwhile the Hobbs site has been taken over by The British Army a particularly hostile and disagreeable Major Darcy has ordered they commence drilling into this strange Spaceship, but when a workman is caught in a vibrating storm of evil that emmits from this strange craft, the man is thrown from the ship in a huge foreign wirlwind.

He is pronounced dead but when the scientists the Army and Quartermass with his sexy assistant return to the entrance a small hole has melted throught the steel door.

Suddenley the entrance cracks and splits the steel melting a pink encased tomblike shell is left. Strange bug looking green locaust creatures stare back they are immediately removed and Doctor

Rooney is allowed to do an autopsy on these insect creatures who are later identified as Arthropods.

A further meeting with the state reveals that the House of Commons and Secretary of State are happy to write it off as German war propaganda and deem the Proffesor Quartermass's theory that it was indeed a Ritual killing imposed upon our Ape man ancestors by these strange insect like locaust Alien creatures in a bid to take over Earth and our human civilisation as absurd.

The press are invited to witness the moment when the Army will drill into the remaining chamber, the worksite of the Hobbs Tube station overflows with reporters, the drilling starts, as soon as the entrance is disturbed a manic whirlwind throws the underground cavern into turmoil people scream as the walls shake and the evil tornado destroys everything in its path.

But Barbara the sexy assistant of Proffesor Quartermass is locked in a trance she warns of the evil that the comming of these creatures will bring and predicts there plan to take over Earth as we know it.

The wirlwind rages on Quartermass manages to grab Barbara then flees to the pub, the whole town has been turned into drones air raid sirens go off there is no escape a huge Bug God fills the sky.

Quartermass and Doctor Rooney surmise that a huge injection of steel could destroy this Alien beast there last hope is to scale the nearby construction crane and plunge it into the Bug God killing it at ending the trance on the town....

Quartermass looks up to see Rooney stradled across the neck of the crane as he hangs precariously over the Bug God, finally the crane snaps under his weight and crashes down on the Alien bug destroying it, Rooney is killed in the ultimate sacrifice to save society and human life. Science defeats Alien invasion is this the way of the future are scientists the the real soliders.

Quartermass appears from the rubble and finds Barbara safe together they walk free. ROLL CREDITS...........


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