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Hey guys, my name is Rudolf Pap and I am a London based animation artist.

Few years ago I started a thing called Cross Tale, which is a fan animated movie where I put together the characters of Salor Moon and Dragon Ball.

Because of my tight working schedule I can just release scenes from time to time... It's not that easy, because I'm working completely alone on it and doing all the stages, like background painting, animation, etc..

But, because the reception of Sailor Mars' transformation was insane, I decided to release the scene of Venus as a Christmas present next, because people wanted to see her the most.

Before the actual transformation you can catch some familiar characters like Gohan, Bulma and Chi-Chi.

I was really excited to see the reaction and I'm already thinking which scene should I release next... Maybe a fight scene?

Or even more I was thinking about a Kickstarter project to be able to put out the entire film... hmmm we'll see, time will decide.

Until then, I have LOADS of plans for next year, and for that I started a new Youtube channel where I plan to release all the good stuff. You can also expect some behind the scenes stuff, as well as vlogs, so please subscribe to me HERE!

Thans SO MUCH, for checking out my video and if you are interested in more follow me on


Instagram: rudolfpap

Twitter: @RudolfPap

or contact me: [email protected]


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