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I have been reading comics since before I could read. When I learned how to read, they became significantly better.
Shannon McShortall

2016 is looking to be a massive year for superhero films, but one has really started to stand out, and that film is Deadpool. I’ll be honest, even though Deadpool is one of my favourite comicbook characters, I was not in any way convinced by the first trailer and the first few teasers. This being because the tragedy and origins of the character seemed to be glazed over, and instead the focus was on a sort of humour that really seemed infantile and nonsensical. The writing, to me, seemed nothing like the Deadpool whose character and stories I became obsessed with. Instead, this Deadpool seemed to appeal to (and not attacking these people) Deadpool’s “core” audience. This Deadpool was the one that had appeared in recent years since his sudden burst of internet popularity. This Deadpool felt like what Deadpool had become and not the amazing character he was when he first hit the comicbook scene. But then something convinced me: the Christmas trailer:

Weasel stepped up to actually become funny, Deadpool gets a purpose and a mission, Colossus' role was confirmed (thus proving that the writers know that Deadpool only ever works when he's the annoying guy behind the big-name characters like the X-Men) and we got more origin parts. But it wasn’t even just that, it was the pinnacle of the ’12 Days of Deadpool’ initiative and every other little side-video that was released. But what about this made it different to the other trailer?

Ryan Reynolds

I know this may be confusing, since Ryan Reynolds was in both trailers, since he’s the titular character and all that. But here’s what I mean: In the Christmas trailer, you can feel Ryan Reynolds’ voice. The first trailer felt like none of the understanding that Reynolds has was shining through. He made a pretty good Deadpool in the trailer, but something was holding it back. The second trailer though, seemed to feature new lines over old scenes and new more Reynolds-esque lines. Reynolds was swearing like how Deadpool swears, not how he was originally seen in the first trailer (where he seemed to be playing Deadpool in a different way just to abuse the ‘R’ rating, which seemed incredibly uncharacteristic of Deadpool).

The clips and videos released outside of trailers prove that Ryan Reynolds absolutely understands Deadpool. I’m not in any way attacking the writers for this though. The writers showed in that Christmas trailer that they were bringing the tragedy and the origin to the character.

So here’s pretty much what I’m saying:

The Christmas trailer proved that the writers have stepped away from taking over too many of Reynolds’ lines and there seems to be a heavier focus on the story than originally touted, while Reynolds’ is set to give us the most perfect comicbook rendition out there. We’re probably going to get the most fun and comicbook accurate film of the year. In the words of Deadpool in the new trailer: “This is a different kind of superhero story, and to tell it right we have to take you back” and the fact that they are, and that they’re making it a big deal, will really add more to the character who is generally perceived as puerile and pandering, giving us a more tragic and cool character than we were originally given, and instead giving us the amazing and complex character just like how he started out.

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