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Netflix is significantly growing its business while resulting in imposing great threats on traditional and internet TV businesses.

Netflix Inc.’s business is massively growing year by year. The company has sorted out a plan to launch its services in nearly 200 countries by the end of next year and now, it seems possible to do so. The streaming giant will be covering the continent of Asia in the initial months of next year where it plans to expand in South Korea, Japan, and India. With its vigorous expansion plans, it is also concentrating on cementing its position in all the markets.

In order to make it happen, Netflix is continuously increasing threats to TV Powerhouses. A few months ago, all traditional TV broadcasters and providers joined hands to compete against the streaming giant and all other internet TV providers in the market. These pay cable TV providers have been sidelined for a very long time now and were attempting to revive business by joining forces. However, sources like New York Times have confirmed that the streaming service provider will be performing a role of the ‘bad guy’ in the streaming industry next year.

When it initially started as a video streaming service in 2007, the boss of Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes, mocked the company as the ‘Albanian Army’. However, it is now worth the same as that of Time Warner, both being roughly at a value of $50 billion currently. Netflix has expanded its business in more than 80 countries now with having nearly 70 million paid subscribers.

It may now be too little too late for the traditional TV businesses to compete against the online video content service provider. Netflix previously used to own the rights of top name online movies and TV shows to distribute it amongst its viewers; however, in order to rule over the original programming race as well, it is heavily investing in the division to further threaten TV powerhouses.

Netflix also topped HBO in receiving the most Golden Globe Awards nominations (8) while seven of that as the king of original programming producer. New York Times report, “The industry’s wariness may be futile at this point anyway. For one, Netflix’s coffers have grown too big. Its increasing scale should enable it to outspend rival networks in 2016.”

The firm’s only main objective now is to catch HBO in the original programming space. Apart from that, it has done everything to become the top provider of video content across the globe. Its struggle has revealed favorable fruits in return .


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