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I love everything horror, especially the classics. The Shining lifts me up when I am feeling blue or stabby. I am obcessed with The Walking
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Happy Holidays y’all! The season is coming to a close but, I wanted to make sure that you got to catch with this flick before you pack away the ornaments and incinerate your cherished Christmas tree. Be informed from the get-go that this is NOT a movie for children. There might not be much blood flowing or gore hitting the walls, but the motif is darker than coal. The unflinchingly disturbing cinematography and innovative plot leave the viewer with an unsettling feeling that puts it near the top of my list.

The call is coming from INSIDE the house!

No true spoilers here because the guy enters the house on the lattice on scene one. He’s in the house and here’s the thing: this is the FIRST, “the call is coming from inside the house “movie. In 1974, people didn’t have cell phones or the ID Discovery channel and were stupid about murderers. Most people would start by CHECKING THE ENTIRE HOUSE, but whatever.

The caller a.k.a. “the Moaner” is unusually vulgar and suggests sexual favors in an undesirable manner. His multiple identities include Billy and Ethel who dominate his perverse and verbose diatribes.

Are you are an animal lover? The way the Moaner gets several of his victims is playing on their commitment to their cat Claude. This is why I have dogs. Cat lovers beware!

Poor Imitations

The big thing to note here is that many more fiscally successful movies have used this telephone trick but they couldn’t get it to properly create that super creepy, immanent-death-is-going-to-reach-through-the-phone feeling. I recommend watching the remake of “When a Stranger Calls”, starring the lovely Camilla Belle (another call in the house movie), if you have the flu or a hangover, because you could miss 90% of the movie and still get the gist. As a matter of interest; the true star if that film is Camilla’s eyebrows. They are fascinating.

2 Fun Highlights NOT to Be Missed

1. Margot Kidder, known for her role as Lois Lane in the original Superman movies plays a boozy rebel sorority chick. I LOVE her in this!

2. The sorority girls don’t stand a chance with a house-mom of theirs. She hides what appears to be Mount Gay rum all over the house, including in the toilet. In. The. Toilet. Ick!

Check out the trailer and then watch the film today! You won’t regret it! This can be a new holiday tradition that your kids will thank you for years to come!


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