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On the 22nd of this month the Batman Arkham Knight team realised the new set of DLC's which contained a set of new missions. Which brought back some old faces from past Batman Arkham games. One of the faces being Ra's Al Ghul.

While doing this mission I noticed one of the new characters mentioned something about Batman being Ra's Heir to the Demon. And in Batman Begins we saw Bruce trained by Ra's Al Ghul to be a member of the League of Assassins. And during Arrow Season 3 when Oliver came back from the dead after fighting Ra's Al Ghul it was said he was the Heir to the Demon for managing to survive Ra's blade.

Which gave me this question.

Who would you pick for the Heir to the Demon?

The Batman or The Arrow?

The Dark Knight of Gotham or The Vigilante of Starling City?

Oliver - Arrow

In the second part of Arrow Season 3 we saw Oliver Queen become Al Sa Him - Heir to the Demon. We watched him be train with Ra's Al Ghul we watched him learn about the League of Assassins (or Shadows if your a Batman Begins Fan) We watched Oliver raise a sword to Diggle his own friend...But could he of killed Diggle if Thea hadn't of stopped? Yes we all know it was just a plan to stop Ra's. But would Oliver really of gone that far to convince Ra's he was Loyal? Personal I don't think he would of done. But what do you think?

Bruce - Batman

In Batman Arkham City we saw Batman meet Ra's Al Ghul face to face and that is when we heard that Batman's destiny was to kill Ra's and take his place with Tahlia at the head of the League of Assassins so it weren't exactly said in Arkham City he was the Heir to the Demon but he was destined to take Ra's place as Ra's Al Ghul.

Then in Batman Arkham Knight I believe when Batman was about to destroy the pit under Gotham. While take the explosive device of I'm sure Nyssa said something along the lines of "My Father's chosen Demon to the Heir".

Batman Begins we also saw Ra's Al Ghul but that didn't say Batman was the Heir to the Demon. His place was mean't to be at Ra's side has him and the League destroyed Gotham. But Bruce declined the League after they asked him to kill a man for stealing of a farmer. Bruce said " I will go back to Gotham and I will fight men like this, but I will not become an executioner." So in Batman Begins we saw Batman train to be an Assassin but when asked to kill someone by Ra's Al Ghul he would not do it at all. (Unlike Oliver because at 2 times it looked like he would of killed for Ra's but once again the question is would he of done?)


Oliver and Bruce have both been trained by Ra's Al Ghul himself, they both have the ability to lead the League. They both have the knowledge on not how to lead the League. But who would say is more capable? Are they both equally capable? In some ways it could be said Oliver is more capable but in some ways it could be said that Bruce is more capable. What do you think? It's time for you too decide. Who would you choose to be your Heir to the Demon? Click on who choose down below in the pole or if you want in leave your choice in the comment section below with a reason why you would pick who you'd pick.


Who would you choose to be your Heir to the Demon?


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