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I just had the craziest fan theory about The Flash season 2 and Zoom. I think Zoom might be... Hold it...

Wait for it...

Jay Garrick.

Yes M Garrick. And here's why. Let's think about actors who are bigger or as big as Grant Gustin.

  • Teddy sears
  • Jesse Martin
  • Tom Cavanagh
  • Robbie Amell

It could be Joe from earth 2 and that's why Zoom has Wells' daughter, as a way of revenge for something that happened to Iris. We know for a fact it's not Wells from Earth 2, and I've heard the Ronnie theory and while i like it, that's completely nonsensical because, well, you know...

The reason I say Zoom is Garrick is because it seems too convenient that he is never around at the same time as Zoom. I know you'll say "but garrick was fighting zoom in the second episode" and this may be true and even confirmed by Wells by saying "you've been running from Zoom". However...

Next sentence may contain spoilers so beware!!!

Have you thought about this fact: Up until the Flash/Arrow crossover, they might be living on the same alternate timeline that they was living in after Barry first screwed up the timeline in season 1.

Up until then, Garrick was garrick and zoom was zoom. But remember when Barry screwed with the time stream again in the Flash/Arrow crossver? After that everything kinda got crazy. Another piece of evidence is something that's so subtle but at the same time genuis is something Garrick says sometimes. I need your speed..

What does Zoom want? Speed. Now garrick could have lost his power when he went through the wormhole but to my alternative timeline theory. In the comics zoom isn't tied to any timeline of any sort. Also, who else would know about technology of the portals to come through to different Earths so easy. And when the portal was having problems he fixed it without no ones help.

We also need to remember that the actual zoom isn't a speedster. He's a time manipulator so it give the affect of speed. Zoom can alter time relative to himself, as opposed to using the Speed Force like most of the DC Universe speedsters do. He can apparently use this ability to move at "speeds" rivaling those of even Wally West, and usually "faster" than the speeds that even Wally can muster in most cases. Rather than actually time traveling, Zoom is controlling the speed at which time flows around him, allowing him to go faster or slower in time than everyone around him. Since Zoom is not actually moving at superspeed.(rather, he is greatly slowing down time relative to himself, and can make himself so "fast" that even most of the Flashes look to him to be moving in slow motion), the temporal nature of his speed allows him to avoid the usual problems encountered by other Flash-type speedsters.

The Flash season 2 resumes January 19th on The CW.


Is Jay Garrick who he says he is

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