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X-Men: Apocalypse should be a little less densely populated since it is only set in the 1980s and doesn’t feature future versions of any characters. However, between the introduction of young versions of Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey, and the addition of newcomers like Psylocke and Jubilee, it looks like the party is still rocking.

The return of Scott Summers raises the question of his exact relationship with Alex Summers A.K.A. Havok (Lucas Till), who was introduced in X-Men: First Class. In the comic books Alex is Scott’s younger brother, but since Alex was already a young man in 1962 he is much clearly older than Scott in the movie universe – though not old enough to rule out the possibility of the two being siblings.

I mean that trailer was so awesome and i just can't wait to see it ,if you haven't seen go watch it now because ahead are some SPOILERS ,but enough of that lets get into what we saw so far

So first we have Jean and professor X and I'm guessing she had some kind of vision of what's getting ready to happen and the pofessor tells her it was just a dream,looks he will find out the hard way.

And next we have someone wearing a hood and I'm thinking apocalypse with young storm visiting some man in some mysterious place.

Next we have pofessor X and some havok aka Alex Summer's brother of Scott summers walking in the Central Intelligence Agency building for some reason and remember the world now really knows about mutants.

And here we have pofessor X and havok talking to this lady about apocalypse being the first mutant ever hmmm.

Look at night crawler pure awesome and it looks like he's maybe frightened in the picture below im thinking this is before he joined the xmen and he's in hiding still.

Here we also see julibee who's maybe at the xmen mansion getting ready to join the xmen or looking for help.

And her we see apocalypse was the person in the hood with storm in the back coming to recruit Magnito to join them.

And now we see apocalypse with his members storm,magneto,archangel,and psylock in the X mansion taking pofessor X.

And now we get to see the young X men getting ready to battle and if you look in the back round everything is trashed and messed up and im guessing this is the last battle.

Now we see havok trying to take on apocalypse and clearly that looks like a big mistake.

Now we see storm looking awesome and this looks like this all going on at the end

Now they with pofessor X using cerebro and his eyes turn pitch black and he says "I've never felt power like this before".


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