Bydaniel Pacheco, writer at

it has been up to one week since Star Wars VII has been with us, and we have seen a lot of pretty cool and amazing theories... and so i bring mine

it has a lot of spoiler so watch out

For all of those who have seen STAR WARS VII, it is a really big deal watching HAN SOLO die, most of all because of the way, i mean it was his son and in the most sad, emotive way holding his son´s saber waiting for him to go back to his home with LEIA (and his possible sister Rey) and then PUM dead betrayed by his son, then falling to emptiness; camera goes up where we can see a sad KYLO REN saying thank you.

but why? why if seconds before that he was asking han for help why does he kills him like that ... Well...

Perhaps it was a suicide...

Yes, you heard me, perhaps the one who pressed that button was not KYLO but HAN and he did it just to help his son in his struggles between light and darkness and he actually did, that is why he says thank you.

Well that was all, just wanted to share my mind out thanks for reading


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