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Here are 50 facts about the first Toy Story film that you probably don't know as of now. Not that you're unknowledgeable or anything, but just read.

  • Toy Story is the first ever computer-animated movie and is the first Pixar movie.
  • It was originally going to be named You Are a Toy. This later ended up being a line in the movie.
  • Every time a character blinks in the movie, they do so one eye at a time.
  • It took an average of four hours to render one frame of the movie, meaning that it took about 120 hours to make one second of the finished film.
  • The movie required a budget of $30 million and a staff of 110, whereas The Lion King, which came out the year before, required a budget of $45 million and a staff of 800.
  • John Ratzenberger, Pixar’s good-luck charm, voiced Hamm the Piggy Bank.
  • The books on the shelves include names of Pixar shorts. The author of “Tin Toy” is Lasseter, a reference to the director of the short, John Lasseter. Lasseter also directed Toy Story.
  • Lotso was going to be in the original Toy Story, but they didn’t have the technology to create his fur, so he was pushed back to Toy Story 3. But at one point, on the shelf, you see an early character design for Lotso.
  • Mickey Mouse is on the clock in Andy’s bedroom.
  • Buzz bounces off of the Luxo Ball when he is “flying” around the bedroom.
  • When Woody is talking to Slinky, there is a drawing of him behind him. This is actually an early character design for Woody.
  • The lamp that knocks Buzz out the window looks like Luxo Sr., from a Pixar short. The only difference is the lamp is red.
  • When Buzz gets knocked out of the window, you hear the Wilhelm scream, a stock sound effect that has been heard in hundreds of movies and TV shows.
  • A113 is the license plate on the car.
  • Also, the license place is dated November 1995, which is when the movie came out.
  • At one point, Buzz gives Woody a Vulcan salute.
  • This is the first appearance of the Pizza Planet truck, and it can not be missed in this film.
  • Pizza Planet was originally going to be named Pizza Putt, a pizza place/mini golf course.
  • The pizza delivery boy asks for directions to West Cutting Boulevard, which is where Pixar Animation Studios was in 1995.
  • Hannah gives Buzz tea through the Utah Teapot, a famous easter egg and data model used in computer animations.
  • Buzz calls himself Mrs. Nesbit, the name of one of Pete Docter’s grade school teachers.
  • The floor in Sid’s hallway has the same design as the one in The Shining.
  • The tool box brand is Binford Tools, which is used in the TV show Home Improvement, which starred Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz.
  • The scene where Woody and Buzz are chasing the moving van is partially inspired by a scene in The Wrong Trousers.
  • Toy Story is the only Pixar movie with credits at the beginning of the movie.
  • The main character was originally going to be Tinny, a character from a Pixar short called Tin Toy. Also, the story would have been Tinny being left behind on a trip and teaming up with a sarcastic ventriloquist dummy to help him find his way home. Eventually, they go to a daycare center where they’ll never get misplaced and they’ll always get played with. A similar idea was eventually used for Lotso’s backstory in Toy Story 3. Also, the sarcastic ventriloquist dummy, who was a cowboy, eventually became Woody.
  • Woody’s full name is Woody Pride.
  • Tom Hanks accepted the role of Woody because when he was a child, he believed that his toys moved around when he left the room.
  • Paul Newman was considered to voice Woody.
  • Woody was originally going to be a villain that abused other toys, but this caused too much uproar and that’s why they rewrote the script.
  • Also, Woody was going to be a dummy instead of a pull string toy, but John Lasseter changed it because he thought Woody’s appearance would frighten kids.
  • Tom Hanks recorded his dialogue for Toy Story while shooting Sleepless in Seattle and A League of Their Own. He didn’t record any during Forrest Gump or Philadelphia because he didn’t think he should do comedy roles while doing serious roles.
  • Buzz was originally going to be named Lunar Larry.
  • Eventually, Buzz was named after the second man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, and Lightyear, which means the amount of distance a beam of light travels in one year.
  • Buzz’s facial features are loosely based on John Lasseter’s.
  • Billy Crystal was originally offered the role of Buzz. He declined, and he now says it was the biggest mistake he’s ever made in his career, which is why when he was offered the role of Mike Wazowski in Monsters, Inc., he accepted the role immediately.
  • Bill Murray, Jim Carrey, and Chevy Chase were all also considered for the role of Buzz.
  • The reason why Buzz is green and purple is because John Lasseter’s favorite color is green and his wife’s favorite color is purple.
  • Mr. Potato Head’s line, “What are you looking at, ya hockey puck?”, is one of Don Rickles’ catchphrases. Don Rickles voices Mr. Potato Head.
  • Slinky Dog was originally going to be the toy that Andy almost never played with. However, this was during the time they were making Woody a villain, so this idea was also scrapped.
  • Rex quotes a few lines from George McFly in Back to the Future, such as “I don’t like confrontations!” and “I don’t think I can take that kind of rejection!”
  • Woody’s girlfriend was going to be Barbie instead of Bo Peep. However, Mattel denied the use of Barbie in the first film because they didn’t think the film would be successful.
  • Andy’s childhood in the movie is based off of John Lasseter’s childhood. John loved playing with a pull string Casper doll and he then grew out of it and moved on to a G.I. Joe figure.
  • The villain of the movie, Sid Phillips, later appears in Toy Story 3 as a garbage man.
  • Sid was based off of a former Pixar employee who dismantled toys and used the parts to make bizarre creations.
  • R. Lee Ermey, the voice of Sarge, was actually a Marine and has played many authority figures, such as the Warden in an episode of Spongebob Squarepants.
  • In order to find out how the toy soldiers would move, the animators placed a sheet of wood under their shoes and tried to walk.
  • Penn Jillette from the magic duo, Penn & Teller, is the announcer of the Buzz Lightyear commercial.
  • Etch-A-Sketch was almost bankrupt before Toy Story. After they let the toy be used in the film, they received a 20% increase in sales, thus saving the company.
  • The toy that Sid blows up was originally going to be a G.I. Joe figure. However, Hasbro denied the use, since they found out it was going to be blown up, so it was replaced with Combat Carl.

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