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As Rockstar hints new updates and looking at the codes in the latest Patch Update we've seen possibilities for GTA VI Military Heist Rockstar also mentioned the 6 Star Wanted Level System noted by Shawn Fotento on his Instagram post. As Rockstar keeps mentioning that "Military Missions" are a high possibility in the next GTA title, this has given fans a great hype to get something excited about since Rockstar hasn't created another Grand Theft Auto game in the series for a few years. This would be the explanation to why Rockstar hasn't put anything into GTA Story Mode in awhile now; plus being that they are waiting until 2018-2019 to release the GTA VI title—supposedly the location of the map is either in Miami, England, or Brazil. Noting that all three locations that are suggested, have BEAUTIFUL scenery, making for great chaos.

These are the things notes from the codes in the last patch, information Rockstar has leaked, and as well as some additional information leaked from other sources:

General Zimmerman- new character, 5 Star General of the US Army, assigns your team of 3 or 4 to capture a target and take them to jail

-His assistant, Sg. Frank, is the person who calls you and tells you he has Intel on a new target. . You then will receive an amount of information about the target and you set up a board and choose the strategy that you're going to use: Rappelling, Snipers, Black Op(clearing rooms), Cooling Tunnel, etc. Then you choose what you need: Getaway Car, Rhino Tank, Jets, Crusader, Helicopter, Plane, Submarine, etc. and you set up the costs and what gunman gets to find the needed heist supply. Ex: Gustavo Mota gets to go find a submarine.

-There is a new point system. Believed to work like the following:

1. Officer

2. Private(15 points + Passing the Basic Training)

3. Sargent(30 points + Passing the Semi-Elite Training)

4. Lieutenant(45 points)

5. Colonel(50 points + Passing the Elite Training)

6. Captain(80 points)

7. Major(95 points + Completing Flight School)

8. Vice Commander(115 points)

9. Commander(130 points + owning at least 1,000,000 shares of Merryweather)

10. FIB Agent(140 points)

Team Ranks:

1. Basic

2. Intermediate(20 points)

3. Advanced(40 points)

4. Elite(60 points)

5. FIB(100 points + Passing the Team FIB Training(military test your team over entering a room and clearing))

6. Black Op(150 points + Passing the Team Black Op Training(same thing as the FIB Training but tougher))

-You get to choose 3 members that you want on your team. Your choices: Francisco Richmond, Chad Vespucci, Kurt Valley, Michael Stone, Gustavo Mota, Chef, Daryl Johns, Norm Richards, or Patrick McReary.

-There are 14 stats that can be increased by 2% per mission—noting that there might end up being 92+ Military Heist Missions.

-14 stats include: Tactical Skill, Flying, Ling Capacity, Stealth, Driving, Hacking, Max Health, Weapon Choice, Shoot Rate, Paramedic(NEW), Sniping, Airborne Skills, Swimming, and Shooting Accuracy.

-After the player and your team becomes an FIB Agent and an Black Op team, one of your military heist members suggest killing Don Percival and another investor to gain 44.5% of Merryweather. And then your team kills the Head Director of the FIB by clearing the Bureau building. And then General Zimmerman suggest you to take over the FIB Director position and you can say yes or no. If yes, your job as the Head Director is to assign people to do your dirty work for you, decide how much they get paid as well as your other workers, and lowering the IAA's funding and stock. And as the Head Director the player gets to command the FIB, Merryweather, NOOSE, Navy, Army, and Air Force. The player can hire their military heist members or regular heist members to the FIB Board or to the Operations(just like Davie). Your net gain will be $600,000(31.2 million/year). If no, the player will be kicked out of the Military but still able to call Merryweather to drop bombs and strikes on hillbillies, cops, or just on random citizens for fun!

If your building is raided by robbers trying to get money or swipe their files clean, a regular business icon will pop up and you will be notified and asked how you would like to respond: either by deploying the Air Force, NOOSE, SWAT, Merryweather, FIB Choppers, and/or the Army. If the robbers escape, your budget will be "stretch"-ed. If the robbers are killed, your money will be given back.

-General Zimmerman is a major shareholder of Merryweather, owning 55.5% of it. He is also a major shareholder of Ammu-Nation and LSTransport; while being the Founder of Bikiniton, Co-Founder of Goldcoast, and Head Chairman of the FIB and of Badger. He is a business man, investor, and a billionaire. General Zimmerman runs everything in Fort Zancudo from shipping supplies to conveys to recruitment and to counterterrorism; as well as controlling the AirSpace, the fire department, and the Air Force. He runs operations with the Don Percival(as his business partner with Merryweather, owning 35.5%, and other investor with 9%), and use to run them with Devin Weston(which Don bought 11% from him increasing his shares from 24.5% to 35.5% equity of the company).

NEW CHARACTERS: Jo'siah Davis(Chief Of Staff of the FIB and Head Director of the FIB for a short period of time), Kevin Riley(Chief of Operations for the FIB, and General Zimmerman, Michael Stone(gunman), Chad Vespucci(gunman), Francisco Richmond(gunman), and Kurt Valley(gunman).


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