ByHollie Jensen, writer at

5 Deathgasm

A hilarious and original film. Gory, crass, outrageously funny flick that will make you rethink dild... Er.. Sex toys.

4 Krampus

One of the best Holiday Horror movies yet, best of the year by far! This is a funny, cheeky, messy film the whole family will enjoy!

3 The Final Girls

A hilarious homage to the 80's slasher! (Not to mention hunky Adam DeVine is in it!) This will pull your heart strings as well as make you chuckle.

2 It Follows

Not only a cinematography masterpiece, also a theatrical music masterpiece. Intense at every moment, this is a must-see instant classic.

1 The Green Inferno

A movie directed by The Bear Jew himself! The man dubbed by Tarentino as "The future of Horror." The Green Inferno is an homage film to Ruggero Deotatos' "Cannibal Holocaust".

This is an amazingly gory film, with practical and amazing effects. Eli Roth does NOT hold back! This movie makes horror history and is a must-see.... If you can stomach it!


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