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The fellows over at cinemablend tell us that the fellows over at uproxx have revealed that Frank Darabont's first pick for Rick Grimes wasn't this guy:

It was actually this guy:

That's right. If Frank had gotten his way, Thomas Jane, The Punisher, would have been Rick Grimes. Which, honestly, would have worked out kind of funny in the end; Shane (Jon Bernthal) would have not only been The Punisher/Rick Grimes' best-friend-turned-worst-enemy in TWD, but he would also become The Punisher for Marvel. Man, what a confusing messed up triangle that might have been.

TJ could have rocked the role, too! Andrew Lincoln absolutely owns Rick Grimes, but remember Jane's perfomance in this scene from The Mist?

He blew us away there, so there's no doubt he could have blown us away as Rick Freakin' Grimes!


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