ByJason Easterman, writer at

Mark Hamill was not payed enough. Considering he is a legendary actor, a lynch pin character in the Star Wars universe, he should have been paid more like $5 to $7 million, not $1 million. Harrison Ford got his salary AND he got an Indian Jones sequel as part of agreeing to play Han Solo - no Indiana, no Han. Yes, he can afford to do that. Somebody really wrote a check for upwards of $100 Million to get Ford. Princess Leia, likewise, is a key figure, Carrie Fisher is worth a little less but more like $4 to $5 million, thereabouts. I would have negotiated percentage of box office instead of any straight salary. Even 1% or 0.5% of box office is a ton of money! 0.25% These actors earn their money. I calculated the LOTR actor's highest paycheck at no more than about $50 an hour or less with overtime calculated for all of the hours they actually put in on that film. That film was physically grueling and almost abusive - but the show must go on. Theater is like a circus in that sense. Acting in these movies is not what people think - IT'S A JOB. As for the other guys - think about this: each of the cast of Friends got $1 Million per episode and Ted Danson got $450,000 per episode of Cheers doing television - in the 1980's. This tin plated dictator salary negotiation that Disney is doing is not fair to actors and it's not a privilege just to work in a film. This is tip money for the bus boy. I'm not liking what I am hearing about the salary situation at all. Hollywood agents need to get off their butts and represent their clients better. Where the heck is SAG in all of this? Isn't this a SAG Union movie? Is Disney wagging SAG union clauses in any of this? That's also serious. Syndication rights, cable TV, broadcast TV, internet streaming, multimedia content, gaming, toys - these actors deserve their fair share of the pie and that share is a SLIVER compared to the whole by which is looking to be upwards of $3 BILLION in ticket sales and a couple BILLION in toy sales. NOT FAIR AT ALL. It's like going to Fleming's and whoever's buying gets steak and sides for all his friends but the guests can't even afford desert. The SAG union president needs to have a coming to Jesus meeting with Disney immediately about it's pay scale. But remember STEVE JOBS owns Disney - what does that say about that guy's corporate citizenship? Don't be evil. You are making $6 BILLION of this movie guaranteed, you can afford to part with $50 million in actors salaries divided among seven or eight characters. That's an average of $6.25 million per actor which is bend over and lick my own behind fair for Star Wars. Lucas is worth $5 Billion, the Jobs Estate is worth $200 Billion, Disney stock is worht a couple hundred billion - do you have to be SO DAMN STINGY WITH QUALITY TALENT? Do you? Kind of need to have an honesty with your conscience moment at the Disney Executive level and stop being a Grinch!


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