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With a new year comes many promising prospects. A couple of these include two crucial things that we endure the brutalities and hardships of life for...TV and film (and food). For me, it's specifically animated related projects and 2016 will be chock full of them. A sample of these goodies include: Zootopia, Moana, The Secret Lives of Pets, Finding Dory and revival series of The Magic School Bus, Powerpuff Girls and Wacky Races. However, considering what events will occur in January, animation certainly won't be taking a back seat. We'll be seeing a franchise coming back, an animated series delivering a bomb shell and one of the best series in recent years is saying goodbye. With they're only being a few days left in the year let's get started with 3 reasons why January's an important month for animation.

3. Steven Universe is Back!

The series took a short hiatus in October and now it's returning on January 4th with a week load of episodes. It'll be the show's fourth "StevenBomb" special. "StevenBomb" oriented episodes tend to reveal crucial information and or secrets about the characters, and they're certainly not to be missed. Two of the episodes will explore how Ruby and Sapphire met before fusing into Garnet and Steven celebrating his birthday. Seeing what's happened in the previous "Steven bomb" specials, the fourth's potential on what could happen is high and we only have a week to prepare for the bombshell. Welcome back Steven Universe!

2. Summer's Coming to a Close for Gravity Falls

Sometime in January, the Pine twins will be packing their bags and returning back home, never to been see by us again. In November, the show left on a cliffhanger as the gang are trapped in an apocalyptic world that's been conceived by Bill Cypher's demented and sadistic mind. Most of the Mystery Shack crew are accounted for and they're ready to face off against Bill in an epic battle that'll have Soos fanguying for ages. The series has received positive feedback for its witty writing, animation, acting, character development, dark themes and mature content. Having been on for two seasons it'll be solemnly missed. However, it's refreshing to see a series ending in dignity. Instead of dragging on for years and years.

1. Kung Fu Panda 3 Karate Chops its Way into Cinemas

One of the highest grossing franchises of all time Kung Fu Panda will be returning to theaters on January 29th with Kung Fu Panda 3. It's been over four years since its prior film, Kung Fu Panda 2, was released. The explanation for its overdue presence is the fact it takes four years to make these films and its premiere date has been repeatedly pushed back. Nonetheless, we're still pumped for this new film. The sequel picks up a while after where Kung Fu Panda 2 left off. Po finally reunites with his biological father and his panda clan. He's faced with becoming a master, finding his place in this world and fighting two villains, one of them being a supernatural foe named Kai.

Judging by its latest trailer, Kung Fu Panda 3 seems that it'll deliver its two predecessors' signature aspects: compelling drama, belly-aching humor, artistic and cultural scenery and heartfelt moments. Apparently (given that it's financially successful), this is far from the franchise's last film. The CEO of DreamWorks Animation Jeffrey Katzenberg said there's six films envisioned to tell the story of Po. Meaning, if everything goes to plan and there's no delay the final movie will be conclude around 2028. Dear lord... Either way I can't wait to see what and whom comes out of this feature.

From these two programs and film alone we'll be seeing an end and a couple new beginnings. Animation has evolved significantly in the past century. While we're nowadays more accustomed to CGI, shows like Steven Universe and Gravity Falls are retaining tradition with 2d animation (to an extent). The art form (regardless if the movie or series is geared towards a certain demographic) has become more accepted and revered by all ages. It doesn't belong to just children. Now, if the award committees (excluding Annies and Behind the Voice Actors) could get ahead with the times (not that it's just about the accolades) and seriously consider nominating them in other categories than their own. Now, with their only being four days left in 2015. I'd like to say to all of you...Thank you and happy new year!


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