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Smash Bros series is by far one of the most critically acclaimed titles to his Nintendo platforms since Super Mario. Having a basic game-flow and button design makes for an awesome experience for both newbie game-players and game-pros.

The original series introduced the idea of colliding some of our favorite Nintendo icons all in one place for a Smashing fun time. Nintendo then proceeded to exceed the scope of expectation in the next GameCube rendition on Smash Bros Melee with superior graphics, the added Side Specials, and tons of new fun modes to play, not to mention the awesome Adventure mode. Nintendo later improved with Smash Bros Brawl for the Nintendo Wii. Which added the new Smash Specials, Even better graphics, more characters, Boss battles, and the Subspace Emissary which was by far the best mode I've played.

The Wii U version of Smash Bros came very much short of it's predecessor Super Smash Bros Brawl. Having completely wiped out an adventure mode, as well as deleting some very fun characters we begin to delve into one of the Most frustrating games a Gamer could experience IMO. I'm not talking about a CPU AI bending the rules a little to add a little flavor to the challenge. I'm talking about a complete land-slide of disadvantages stacked against the Human player on all modes. Not to mention the replacement for the Adventure Mode(Melee)/Subspace Emissary(Brawl) seems to be the Smash Tour which is just a mode to be punished by a CPU or upset by total randomness.

I'm not sure if the objective of Nintendo was to appeal to a younger audience; however, I personally feel that if I have a controller in my hand, It should very much so matter in the game. The fact that I could play Smash Tour on multiplayer with other controllers sitting completely idle and their characters win by total randomness is completely bad game design. Being that all of the frustrating random nonsense of the board and the mini(Mario Party like) games are only a build up for the final battle kinda lessens the blow of being punished by the AI of randomness alone; however, even winning the final battle has a bitter taste after being punished for the last 20-30 minutes.

Though not significant, another frustrating point to mention is the total lack of logic in the GUI the dialogue is completely confusing and makes no sense. To get into the main part of the game you have to select Games and More in the small corner. I'm not sure what the inspiration of this confusion was; however, it was worth me mentioning and taking points off of it's review for.


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