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I have just finished watching the movie War Room which I rented from Redbox just to see how it was since it is from the same people who made Fireproof and Courageous. I liked it, but have noticed that many comments on other sites were negative due to different reasons. Before I give my opinion on the film I want to start off by saying that I watched it as most young people would, without trying to analyze if this person was mentally abusing this person or if this person should divorce this person, etc. I know there is a lot in this movie that can be argued either for or against the Writers, Producers, Actors, Christians, Non-Believers, etc and am not getting into all of the what if or why/why not's of it since I haven't got the time. So, with that being said after you read this you can comment on why you do or don't agree with me or you can write your own article on the film from your point of view. Here is my take:

For anyone, like myself, who has been in or around the Military the name War Room brings to mind a place in the Military where the Higher Ranked (for the most part) Service People gather in order to come up with Strategies that can be used to defeat the enemy. However, for Christians, specially Christian Women from my experience a War Room is also called a Prayer Room or Prayer Closet, which is used just as it is in the movie as a place of Solitude for reading of the Bible and for Praying for whomever they wish.

In this film there are actually four (4) War Rooms (Ms. Clara's Closet at her home, Her closet at her son's home later on, Elizabeth's Closet, and Elizabeth's Daughter's closet) used. Technically five If you choose to count Elizabeth's Husband, Tony, using their Daughter's bed room floor as his place of prayer.

Why is there so much praying going on you ask? Because even though Elizabeth Jordan (Priscilla C. Shirer) and her Husband Tony (T.C. Stallings) take their daughter to Church occasionally, they have become so wrapped up in their own lives that they have been unintentionally, in my opinion, lost sight of the big picture and have not only been mentally & sometimes verbally abusing each other but also their Daughter as well. In the film it is almost to the point of Neglect as the Tony is hardly at home & Elizabeth can't answer even the simple questions of what team her daughter is on or what award she had just won at school the week prior.

The movie starts out with the older woman, Ms. Clara (Karen Abercrombie), telling how her husband was in the Army and worked in an actual War Room until he passed away after having a Heart Attack. She tells how she and her husband had a son & it has been so many years since her husband passed that her son has moved out. So she decides to sell her house.

It just so happens that Elizabeth is a Real Estate Agent which is how the two women meet and after Ms. Clara asks Elizabeth to come to her home one hour a week in order for her to help Elizabeth fix her marriage the plot is set.

The rest of the film shows Ms. Clara helping Elizabeth pray for her family and then her daughter doing the same. Eventually, it comes out that Tony is thinking about having an affair & is actively pursuing another woman while Elizabeth gets texts from co-workers who see him out with this woman. Elizabeth prays for God to stop him from having an affair and he gets an upset stomach so that he can't go with the woman back to her place (anyone with common sense knows that if someone wants to take that route that a stomach ache isn't going to stop them, but it is a movie so roll with it).

The film then shows Tony's Boss talking on the phone after the Company he works for finds out he has been padding his numbers & stealing from the company. He calls Tony and Tony is fired. He then goes and finds Elizabeth's "War Room" and after finding out how long the closet has been used in this way goes to his friend who tells him that he wishes his wife cared for him that much. Tony then goes home and goes into his Daughter's room where he starts praying as well.

He then tells Elizabeth about his stealing from the company & decides to turn the Medicine back into the company, which he does. One of his ex-bosses wants to put him in jail, but the other tells him he wants two days to think it over. Of course, he decides not to press charges and Tony agrees to repay $19,000 he made off the books.

Tony has been helping their daughter, Danielle (Alenna Pitts), with her Double Dutch Routine since he lost his job and they end up in the Citywide Championships where their team takes second place.

Then as the movie winds down Ms. Clara's home is sold to a retired Preacher because he can feel the Prayer in the Closet, Tony gets a new job, and Elizabeth finds out that Ms. Clara didn't have the same ending in her Marriage. Then the women agree to find other women to help get "War Rooms" and ends with Elizabeth getting her sister to start praying for her husband and Ms. Clara Praising God for using her to help save Elizabeth's Marriage.

At the end of the day the message of this movie is that we all fight against Satan at some point in our lives regardless of how much or little religion we have and that God's Grace and a little Prayer can help overcome many obstacles that we encounter if we believe.

There are many other plots in the film you will have to see for yourself if you so choose. Just remember, the film may have some poor behavior in it and it may have the characters instantly have their prayers answered. However, in real life you should know that sometimes Divorce is the only option and that you shouldn't stay in a physically or otherwise abusive relationship thinking that God will protect you because that may not happen. You should also remember to at least try to save your marriage if the other person has just lost their way & isn't being violent to you or your children. Whatever you do is your choice and you will have to deal with the repercussions with God, The Church, Family, Friends, and Co-workers so make sure you are ready to defend your decision whatever it happens to be & be prepared to tell people to back off because you & God got this as they say.

That is my review/take on the Movie War Room. Do you agree or disagree with it. Why or why not? Be respectful and leave a comment if you wish. You can follow me on Twitter @jdseigars if you like as well.


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