ByWhitley Warner, writer at

I feel like Ezra and grant are both great actors and that we should not condemn Ezra for being cast as the movie flash. Think about it. The tv show already has its own diverse story line, following these characters that are similar yet completely different than the comics. You can't throw grant in a movie about the flash with other new characters and a different story line. And we know they're not going to give us the same substance as the tv show. I think they'll take a closer approach to one of the older comics, like the other DC movies are doing. The tv show follows the new 52 more closely. I think Ezra might have a wonderful take on the more pretty boy cocky version of flash that I see in the comics. Crop his hair off, dye it blonde and he's quite the looker(with or without the haircut obviously). But seriously. DC is playing it smart by not getting in over their heads with the tv and movie universe combined, but we have the multiverse which opens opportunities to hint that the universes are separate but still exist within eachother. That's why DC is awesome. more opportunities. I, for one, am ridiculously excited to see the new flash movie and am getting all my comic reading done before then. Kudose to all my fellow comic book nerds and DC lovers. These movies are all looking pretty dang awesome. Don't knock it till you've seen it!!


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