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I love great characters, solid plots and an intriguing story line to pull me in. There's also nothing better than a visual medium that makes
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The movie is an interesting choice. It illustrates the journey of the character; Mason, in life, and his struggle and strife.

However, the thing about it is, there are problems here and there for example, the abusive side of the story is good, but having two of them is too much, and really I had actually forgotten about this movie. Not because it's a forgettable movie, but rather this movie was one that fell into a period where I wasn't too right with myself, but I remember enjoying myself watching it, and I felt that the first drunken alcoholic hit a little too close to home as I myself grew up in quite an abusive environment. However, even without the experience I feel that the characters are relatable just because we've met one or two people just like that.

And I'm not saying the mom, can't make mistakes, but making the same mistakes, that seems like bad parenting to me, and yeah, maybe it's just nitpicking but I really feel like the mom, made too much bad choices in her life, but really I get that she was just trying to protect her kids, and that her choices, were to ensure that there is a roof over their heads, and I get that, and that's good and all that, but I felt there could have been more.

Although, the movie centers around Mason, I felt like Samantha was thrown on the sidelines. And here's where the reintroduction of this movie came in for me. The Simpsons. Yeap, overdue, and the over stale Simpsons, actually had some real heart to paying homage to this movie. But there were some parts I thought the movie did better to, I thought that the movie got it right with the father figures of his life and his constant rock,his mother, and I get what it is it's just life and that his path was an artist and everything and I liked that I really do but what I thought the Simpsons did better, it was that there was a lot of reflection in the Simpsons. And you can say that Simpsons did have it reversed as in Bart was the older one and in the movie it was Samantha who was the older one but come on I mean I'm sure you could have done something with that and on a whole I can only count three scenes where Samantha is in the movie that's not counting the scenes with Mason, and I mean it doesn't take that much away from the movie it's just that I would have liked a little more depth to the character.

And yes, the scenes of Mason growing up felt natural but at times I felt like some of the editing was a bit choppy and I mean there were scenes where I engaged with Mason because I enjoyed those scenes with him and his friends being kids and being boys.

And the movie is and acts as a pure documentary on life, growing up, parents, and everything else. It has not much of a three act structure, hell I even remember when I first saw this movie and I saw the end, I was like what that's it? But I get it that's where they want to stop because there's a whole life ahead of him now, and there's more of him to discover, and I get that now. And even though the movie practically hinges on it's story line and it's characters, as it's much like a documentary. And that's okay, because they give us more detail on the surrounding and the environment and that's what life is about and I thought more could be done with the phones and the pop cultural references as you know it's adolescence and everything but you know what that's still fine.
But you know this movie is fun in it's own way.

It also gives way to a clear look into humanity and certain perspectives in life and it looks as though that there's always points of view to look at and I think the movie does well to do that.


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