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Siddhant Seth

I hope by now every fan has seen the epic sequel to an awesome trilogy.

The latest installment of the franchise has been a super duper hit, it has broken records all around the world. The movie is simply awesome, it has lived up to the hype and it didn’t disappoint. But even after the great story, awesome fights, cool new characters and the hype, there are things which could have been better, like according to me if they were there in the movie, movie would have been a 10/10, while now it is a 9. Below are things I believe could have been better in the awesome movie.

These are just my opinions, others may not agree. I am just expressing my opinion.



1. The reveling of Kylo Ren’s face.

It shouldn’t have been done so soon, so fast. Like the whole build up was gone in the first movie itself, that too at such a unexpected moment, or I should say (according to me) unwanted moment. Personally I like suspense, which was killed in the very first movie like it was never ment to be a mystery. But even if they had to reveal the face the perfect moment would have been when Han Solo calls Kylie Ren by his real name ‘Ben’ (which can be a tribute to Ben-Kenobi) and asks him to take off his mask. That would have been explainable, but reveling your face (which was kept a mystery) just because a girl asked you to? Some people may say Rey might have used the Jedi ‘Mind Trick’ but could a man vulnerable and also a follower of the dark side be manipulated so easyily? Which brings us to the second problem.

2. The movie lived to the hype but Kylo Ren didn’t.

I am saying it again, these are just my opinions others might not feel that way. He was impressive the whole time, wether it be using the force, his lightsaber etc but at the final battle he lost to someone who wasn’t even a Padowan! He was literally slaughtered, beaten the sh*t out of by a girl who learned to use the force like what, 15 minutes ago? Which brings us to the third problem.

3. Rey's Jedi skills.

She was awesome, but two three things about her just trouble me. How can she defeat Kylo Ren just like that! Some may it's in her blood. But then the same should have happened with Luke, he was also from a Jedi blood line.

Even after some some training by a Jedi Master himself, Luke Skywalker got his hand chopped off during his battle with Darth Vador but on the other hand Rey defeated Kylie Ren when she previously had only touched a lightsaber for about 2min? And learnt how to use the force 15min ago?

4. They shouldn't have killed Han.

Like not only me but Han Solo was a favorite character to many people. It was clear though close to the ending that Han wouldn't be there anymore. But he will be missed.

5. These are unanswered questions

First how did Maz get that light saber? It was 'the' lightsaber which fell of Luke’s hand in Episode V during his duel with Darth Vader which originally belonged to his father Anakin, we know that because it’s blue in colour. Second, okay I am a Star Wars fan but I couldn’t recognize the old guy in the beginning in the village on Jakku, who was he? How did he have the the last part of the map? Or the bigger question why did he have it? If you know the answers pls tell in the comments below.

Though no matter what anyone says, this was a great movie which totally lived up to the hype. Hopefully none of the fans were disappointed. Cause I was not.


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