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If you haven't yet seen it, there is an awesome and kind of scary video circulating the Internet which is the first episode in a new web series starring Macaulay Culkin!

Now if you haven't seen it, in this video Culkin is basically playing a grown up version of Kevin McCallister, his character from Home Alone, in which he was left in his family home on his own and is forced to defend it from a pair of robbers in the most insane and hilarious ways imaginable.

However, judging from the video, it really messed up the character, and those memories never left him. However, as it turns out, Kevin wasn't the only character from the film still reeling from the events of it. Indeed, despite having to defend his home from invaders at the age of 8, the ones who really endured the most pain and trauma from it were surely the Wet Bandits themselves, Harry and Marv. And now Marv has called to his old friend and partner to help him, due to his memories of the child that terrorized him returning. Check out the awesome video made by Marv actor Daniel Stern below!

"The kid is back! I saw it, I saw it on the Internet!"

"Please Harry I'm home... Alone!"

Amazing, right? Well that just goes to show you that evil robbers that try to murder children have feelings too... as well as severe mental trauma.

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